Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Spring Supplement Preview - Bags That Convert!

This spring Rothco will introduce over 130 new items in our 2016 Spring Supplement. Two of those new items include our latest tactical packs, Rothco's Convertible Medium Transport Pack and Rothco's Tactical Foldable Backpack, these new tactical packs offer unique new features never before seen with Rothco Bags.

The first bag is the Convertible Medium Transport Pack - this tactical bag is similar to our immensely popular Medium Transport Pack and has many of the same great features including MOLLE compatibility, hydration compatibility, large amounts of storage, water repellent lining, and more. PLUS, the bag quickly converts from two straps to one strap. The single strap pack offers tactical advantages to those who need to access the contents of their bag quickly without having to take the pack off. 

See More With Our Vine Video On This Pack
The second bag may come in a small package but it offers more storage than you think! Rothco's Tactical Foldable Backpack starts off as a simple MOLLE pouch with a large main compartment but with a simple pull of a zipper a convenient backpack will appear.  Attach the MOLLE pouch to your main pack and when needed open the pouch for a convenient second pack - ideal for small hikes or walks when camping. 

See More With Our Vine Video On This Pack

Stay tuned for more Spring Supplement Previews!!!

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