Friday, February 26, 2016

Get a Sneak Preview of Rothco's New Spring Gear

Rothco's Spring Supplement is here with over 140 new items! 
Get your first look by viewing our interactive digital catalog below.

Here what's inside...
  • 6 New Shemaghs
  • AR 670-1 compliant gear
  • 15 New Bucket & Boonie Hats including a new MA-1 Style boonie
  • A new line of performance T-Shirts and women's apparel 
  • Tons of camping & outdoor gear including new mosquito nets and bug repellent 
  • Cool Concealed Carry and more! 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Boots...

...That everyone is wearing! 
From outspoken rappers to influential K-Pop stars, the Desert Tan Combat Boot has become the boot in streetwear fashion today. Throughout history, we've seen military style combat boots be embraced by the fashion world and beyond. Not only are they fashionable but they are functionable as well because they were designed for rugged military use. 

Rothco offers serval styles of the tan tactical boot, including:

Remember when you are on instagram tag #RothcoBoots in your pic! 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Introducing Rothco's Over the Glasses Goggles

One of Rothco's newest additions is our line of "Over the Glasses" style Goggles that are designed to be worn over a pair of glasses. Both the Ballistic and Tactical goggles we brought in feature cut-outs in the padding so that they won't interfere with your glasses. The main difference between the two styles we've introduced, besides cosmetic details, is that our ballistic version meets ANSI Z87-1 and MIL-DTL-43511D standards of protection. The Daily Shooter decided to take his best shot (literally) at testing their durability and I think it's safe to say they pass the test (video below).

These new goggles have various other features including CE certification, UV 400 protection, top and bottom vents, and anti-fog/anti-scratch lenses. The make great goggles for shooting, tactical training, airsoft, even skiing or snowboarding. Find a pair at an authorized Rothco dealer near you.

If you've put any Rothco gear through your own field tests, let us know by using #RothcoGear or contacting us at

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Handiest Tool You Can Wear Around Your Neck

New this year to the spring supplement is our coolest and most useful dog tag yet: The Rothco Dog Tag Multi-Tool. This piece of hardware is the perfect combination of military style, survival, and handiness packed into a stainless steel tag. 

I was so excited about this item's arrival that I had to put it to the test right away. I took it for a little nature walk to see how it'd perform in a survival-type situation. I'm proud to say I was able to whittle a stick into a sharp survival tool in minutes. Then I got to come back inside, relax and use the same tag to pop open a bottled beverage. If only this vine could be longer than 6 seconds, I would've shown off how this tool is also a file and a flathead screwdriver. So you'll have to take my word for it...or go and get one for yourself. 


By: Connor @ Rothco 

Friday, February 12, 2016

The 10 Items I Want to Have Going into the Zombie Apocalypse

With our favorite zombie survival show coming back this week, The Walking Dead, we wanted to prepare ourselves as best we could; by coming up with the top 10 Rothco items to have in the Walking Dead zombie apocalypse.

1. MediumTransport Pack: On first glance you may think “there are other, larger, tactical packs to choose from” but the Medium Transport Pack makes the perfect fit for the zombie apocalypse. At first glance it may seem small but it fits a surprisingly large amount of gear. Plus, the medium transport pack has a nice narrow profile so if you’re running through the woods away from walkers you don’t have to worry about your pack catching on nearby branches.

2. V-Max Tactical Boots: Speaking of running, the V-Max Tactical Boots were practically made for the zombie apocalypse (not really). They’re so light that you’ll forget that you’re wearing boots and they’re so flexible that you’ll be able to run, jump, and climb with ease.

3. Hard Knuckle Gloves: Rothco’s Hard Knuckle Gloves are cut resistant, and I haven’t exactly tested them against bites but I’m pretty sure they’ll hold up if a zombie tries to chop down on you. Plus the molded hard knuckles give you a little something extra in case you’ve got to throw fists at a zombie.

4. Medical Kit: As careful as you may be, accidents happen. Best be prepared with a medical kit. This one is MOLLE compatible and will strap on nicely to the Medium Transport Pack.

5. XMRE: I’d rather fish, hunt, or forage for food but sometimes that’s not a reliable source of food. MRE’s have a long shelf life and will do the job in a pinch.

6. Large Paracord Knife: I shouldn’t have to explain how vital a knife is in any survival situation; attacking zombies, cutting and cleaning fish or animals (wash it first if you were just attacking zombies with it), batoning wood, the uses are nearly endless. Plus this one has a paracord handle and a fire starter as an added bonus.

7. 18" Sawback Machete: Hack your way through dense brush or walkers. Maybe both.

8. Riot Shield: If you and your friends all had riot shields you could make a solid Spartan style line and hold ground pretty well; especially if paired with the machete. Not bad solo either in a close quarter’s situation; walkers aren’t biting through a riot shield.

9. Shemagh: An essential survival item. If you’re not sure what to do with a shemagh just check out our video on all its uses.

10. 550 Paracord: Another top survival item, cord can do it all from helping set up a camp site to creating traps. This is no ordinary rope either, Rothco’s 550 LB paracord holds quite the load.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Spring Supplement Preview - Bags That Convert!

This spring Rothco will introduce over 130 new items in our 2016 Spring Supplement. Two of those new items include our latest tactical packs, Rothco's Convertible Medium Transport Pack and Rothco's Tactical Foldable Backpack, these new tactical packs offer unique new features never before seen with Rothco Bags.

The first bag is the Convertible Medium Transport Pack - this tactical bag is similar to our immensely popular Medium Transport Pack and has many of the same great features including MOLLE compatibility, hydration compatibility, large amounts of storage, water repellent lining, and more. PLUS, the bag quickly converts from two straps to one strap. The single strap pack offers tactical advantages to those who need to access the contents of their bag quickly without having to take the pack off. 

See More With Our Vine Video On This Pack
The second bag may come in a small package but it offers more storage than you think! Rothco's Tactical Foldable Backpack starts off as a simple MOLLE pouch with a large main compartment but with a simple pull of a zipper a convenient backpack will appear.  Attach the MOLLE pouch to your main pack and when needed open the pouch for a convenient second pack - ideal for small hikes or walks when camping. 

See More With Our Vine Video On This Pack

Stay tuned for more Spring Supplement Previews!!!

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