Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Military Pants for Everyday Use

Rothco's classic B.D.U. pants (taken straight from the “Battle Dress Uniform” the military used from over 20 years) are some of the most versatile pants in the marketplace. In fact, much of the clothing and gear we manufacture here at Rothco is military designed or inspired but are used for so much more. Take a look at where else our classic B.D.U. pant is used:

Public Safety Personnel – Rothco BDU Pants come in dozens of colors and patterns including Navy Blue and Midnite Blue, which are very popular with public safety officials from EMT to Police. Couple that with the durability of the pants and all its features and you’ve got a great match.

EDC/Camping – The BDU Pants have 2 large cargo pockets which will fit a surprising amount of gear (multi-tool, survival/medical kit, ammo, knife, etc) which make them great for EDC. The action pleat stitching on the pants also gives them greater freedom of motion, making them very comfortable for camping or hiking.

Shooting/Combat Training – With pants that were designed for the military it’s no surprise that they’re favored for combat and tactical training, shooting, and even airsoft and paintball. With reinforced seat and knees, the pants will hold up even if you’re sliding or diving about. The adjustable waist tabs also ensure the pants are secure even without a belt (although I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be wearing a belt).

Casual-wear – Aside from all the function of the pants, they also look great; couple a pair of camouflage BDU pants with a solid shirt or graphic t-shirt or wear a pair of solid BDU Pants with a camo or flannel shirt and you’ve got yourself a sharp, casual getup.

These are but a few of the uses for our versatile military BDU pants; the quality you'd expect from pants designed for the military with the comfort for everyday life.

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