Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Using Rothco Flannel Shirts

Maybe it’s because I procrastinate, maybe it’s because I think this’ll be the year none of my friends have a party and I won’t need one, maybe it’s because in my heart I know I want that movie quality Darth Vader suit that’ll I’ll never actually purchase, but whatever the case I find myself without a Halloween costume with little to no time to put something together nearly every year. Fortunately for me, I’ve become pretty good at the last minute costume and the Rothco Flannel is the perfect start for all of them:
  1. Lumberjack – This look is easy because you probably already have all the things you’ll need to put this together (except maybe a beard). Grab your Red Rothco Flannel, a pair of jeans, boots (I go with something black like Rothco’s Cold Weather Hiking Boots), a beanie, a pair of suspenders, and maybe an axe. Depending on the type of party it is, maybe you don’t bring a real axe; plastic should suffice, or go without one, they’ll get the idea.
  2. Brawny Man – Even easier than the lumberjack, just grab that Rothco Flannel, a pair of black or dark blue pants, a white undershirt, and a roll of paper towels.
  3. Scarecrow – This one will take slightly more effort than the previous two but is also relatively simple to put together. The easiest things to get are the Flannel Shirt (this time it doesn’t have to be red; try any of our over half dozen colors), straw hat and jeans. The last two things you’ll need are some makeup and straw. For the makeup, you’ll likely need an assist from your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, or another individual with a makeup kit who can quickly draw some sort of makeshift stitches on your face. Straw is actually pretty easy to find as nearly everyone has hay decorating their homes this time of year; just ask to borrow some and stuff it in the wrists, in-between buttons or wherever.
  4. Farmer – Just thought of another one; use the scarecrow costume above but ditch the makeup, grab one piece of straw to stick in your mouth, grab the nearest farming tool and tadda; farmer.
  5. Movie/TV Star – There are a number of famous movie and television characters that you could be last minute with one or two alterations. Here are just a few:
    1. Bender from The Breakfast Club: Sunglasses, Denim Jacket, Flannel, Boots, Fingerless Gloves
    2. Al Borland from Home Improvement: Flannel, Jeans, Tool Belt
    3.  Larry the Cable Guy: Trucker Hat, Jeans, Flannel (cut the sleeves off)
-Matthew J Leone

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