Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rothco's Four Fall Essentials

Days get shorter, nights get colder, leaves start changing colors and fall has officially begun! Popular for cooler temperatures and falling leaves, Fall is the perfect season for hiking, camping, apple/pumpkin picking and hunting, so gear up with Rothco's Fall Essentials and get your fall on!

Rothco's Four Fall Essentials:

  1. Rothco's Covert Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket - With it's lightweight waterproof outer shell, and concealed hood this jacket is perfect for all your outdoor fall activities!
  2. Rothco's Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts - Flannel is always the hottest item in Fall, so get trendy with 20 different styles and over 10 color options for men and women 
  3. Rothco's Lightweight Shemagh Desert Scarves - With tons of uses from survival to fashion and over 10 different colors a shemagh is the perfect addition to your Fall collection 
  4. Rothco's Lightweight Duty Gloves - Perfect for hiking, camping and hunting Rothco's gloves allow for durability and protection, keeping you warm when the cooler weather strikes. Available in 3 different colors and 4 different camo patterns.
Take advantage of the perfect season for outdoor activities by gearing up and always being prepared with Rothco's Fall Essentials. 

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Into Flannel With Rothco

Fall is for Flannel plain and simple. A staple for any true outdoorsman this warm checkered pattern fabric, which has been around since the 17th Century has become a must-have for everyone. From the runway to the lumber yard, flannels simplistic nature is what makes it so versatile and it can be worn by both men & women. And if you're Rothco it can be updated into a variety of colors and styles

For over a decade, Rothco has been carrying a great line of buffalo plaid style flannel shirts, these rugged yet comfortable shirts feature 100% cotton material with button front and 2 front flap pockets. Over the past few years, we've expanded on that line by adding new colors (over 10 if you are counting!) like Grey and Orange and  even Camo Patterns.  We also carry both Sherpa-Lined and Fleeced-Lined Flannel Shirts, to keep you extra warm during those cold winter days. 

In addition to those great flannel shirts, this year Rothco has also added a Women's Style Flannel Shirt. Made from 100% cotton fabric, this shirt has been designed with a tapered cut for a more feminine style and features a button front, back yoke and 2 stitched open top pockets. 

If you are looking for flannel this season - look no further than Rothco. We've got the style, selection and stock to keep you warm well into the winter! 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rothco's 2016 Catalog is Here!

Rothco's 2016 Catalog has arrived! This year's catalog is our biggest yet with 324 pages full of the latest and greatest military, tactical, outdoor and survival gear; plus it is packed with more camo than you can image! 

Highlights of the 2016 Catalog Include:

You can find all this great product online at Rothco.com or by flipping through our Interactive Digital Catalog * Rothco Dealers - Remember you can build your own interactive digital catalog at apps.rothco.com, our 2016 Catalog is waiting for you! 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The T-Shirt Everyone Is Buzzing About

Yesterday all those "flashing lights" were on Kayne West's New York Fashion Week Show and it turns out the only way you could get into the show was with Rothco's Long Sleeve Camo Tee Shirt, the shirt which was printed with the "Yeezy" logo and text could be seen sitting front row on celebrities like Courtney Love and Jaden Smith. 

This isn't the first time Mr. West's was inspired by the military look and judging from his new collection it won't be the last. 

The camo invite was featured in Complex Mag, 4 Pins and several other streetwear blogs. But you can find the orginal t-shirt at Rothco.com 

image via yezzy.supply

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Join The Rothco Bug Out Bag Giveaway

Rothco is very excited to have hit 100,000 "likes" on Facebook. To celebrate this milestone, and in the spirit of National Preparedness Month, we're giving away a Rothco Bug Out Bag full of survival gear; the full list of which can be found on our website.

Even if you're not interested in survival or preparedness, the bag features a lot of quality military style Rothco gear that has a number of uses. The bag was fashioned after the bug out bag we customized in a past YouTube video but makes a great general kit for campers, survivalists, or outdoor enthusiasts.

To enter the contest, you need only like us on Facebook and fill out the entry form on our website. Along with the first place winner, there will also be multiple Water Bottle Survival Kits awarded to runners up.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preview Over 190 New Items from Rothco

Rothco's New 2016 Catalog is only days away from being printed, but you don't have to wait till then to preview our entire new 2015 Fall Collection because our digital version it online now.

Our new product collection contains over 190 BRAND NEW military, tactical, public safety and survival items, including:
  • New MultiCam BDU Pants and Fatigue Shirts
  • 9 New Shemagh Prints 
  • New Concealed Carry Packs and Clothing - Including our New Concealed Carry Hoodie
  • 15 Canvas Bags & Packs 
  • Over a Dozen New Morale Patches 
  • 4 New Flannel Options - Including a Flannel Lined Version 
Rothco's Digital New Product Collection is ready to view today & keep an eye out for our 2016 Catalog which is coming to your mailbox and our Digital Catalog collection soon! 

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Don’t Miss One of Rothco’s Newest Tactical Packs!

We took the Rothco Large Transport Pack and gave it Wheels! With 3 compartments, MOLLE webbing and hydration bladder compatibility, what’s not to love? Check out our product breakdown above to see all the amazing features of this tactical pack. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

This Week in History: At Wars End

The first week in September is a seemingly popular week to end wars as the signing of the Treaty of Paris (1783) which marked the end of the Revolutionary War occurred on September the 3rd and on September the 2nd, 1945 the Japanese formally surrendered aboard the USS Missouri marking the end of WWII. We have a love for all things history, especially when it pertains to the military so here are a few things you might not have known about the two events.

Benjamin West's Unfinished Painting
Treaty of Paris (1783):
  1. At the start of negotiates between the United States and Great Britain, 2 of the representatives chosen by the U.S. weren’t able to participate in the negotiations; Thomas Jefferson hadn’t left the U.S. early enough and Henry Laurens was being held prisoner in the Tower of London until the wars end.
  2. Benjamin Franklin initially wanted the Province of Quebec to be part of the United States in the hopes that the U.S. would encompass all of North America but that proposal was promptly dismissed.
  3. Benjamin West was tasked with painting the delegates present during the Treaty of Paris but the British delegation refused to sit for the painting and so it was never completed, picturing only the American delegation.
V-J Day:
  1. The formal surrender from the Japanese, marked as V-J Day, was the second V-Day, or Victory Day, of the war. V-E Day, marking the Allies victory in Europe was on May the 8th of that year.
  2. V-J Day was actually celebrated twice, on August 15th when Japan surrendered to the United Nations and on September 2nd when they formally surrendered. The famous image of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square occurred on the first V-J Day.
  3. WWII actually started the same week it officially ended; it began September 1st, 1939 and ended 6 years and 1 day later.

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