Friday, June 26, 2015

Rothco Airsoft: 5 Must Have Items

Part of our most recent collaboration, with StrikeForce Sports last month, we put together 2 airsoft loadouts using all Rothco gear; the video for which can be seen above. Looking back, there were a lot of differences between the two loadouts we built. Jesse explained that for a short game on a small indoor field, carrying large quantities of ammunition is unnecessary and that playing on a close combat field with lots of corners and hallways means constant movement so you want to keep your weight down; maximizing heat ventilation and keeping weight down are the two keys. While Jesse’s loadouts focus on speed and mobility, my loadout was designed for capacity. I had a Medium Transport Pack to carry ammo for a long game and a ton of pouches to hold ammo on my person. While the two loadouts had several differences, they both used a few of the same items because they work with nearly any loadout.

  1. Rothco Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Helmet: this new helmet is a lightweight version of our Base Jump Helmet. Besides being nearly 25% lighter, our new airsoft helmet features 8 vent holes and a rear dial for adjusting the fit. It also includes the NVG mount on the front and 2 side rails for accessories. With all the features of this helmet, it really was the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor play; lightweight and easily customizable.
  2. Rothco Military Combat Shirt: While Jesse was wearing our ¼ zip Combat Shirt and I the standard one, both serve the same purpose. The front and back are made of a breathable cotton/acrylic blend while the sleeves are a durable nylon/cotton blend with reinforced elbows to keep you protected while diving around. The perfect balance between comfort and protection, it makes the ideal shirt for either outdoor or indoor airsoft games.
  3. Rothco Tactical Single Point Sling: Nothing fancy about this item; the single point sling keeps your rifle attached to you while you’re going into your pack, switching to your sidearm, or just taking a breather between games. Simply a must have item for airsoft.
  4. Rothco Deluxe Adjustable Drop Leg Tactical Holster: Another simple item that you really should have regardless of game you’re playing or the field you’re on. Some people carry a secondary weapon on the front of their vest or on their belt but keeping the sidearm down on the leg leaves more room on the vest or belt for mags or other gear.
  5. Rothco V-Max Lightweight Tactical Boot: In fairness, we weren’t both wearing the V-Max style boot, but we should have been! This boot is a cross between a military combat boot and a sneaker; the boot has all the support and protection you’d expect from a combat boot with the added flexibility and weight of a sneaker.
-Matthew Leone

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