Friday, June 26, 2015

Rothco Airsoft: 5 Must Have Items

Part of our most recent collaboration, with StrikeForce Sports last month, we put together 2 airsoft loadouts using all Rothco gear; the video for which can be seen above. Looking back, there were a lot of differences between the two loadouts we built. Jesse explained that for a short game on a small indoor field, carrying large quantities of ammunition is unnecessary and that playing on a close combat field with lots of corners and hallways means constant movement so you want to keep your weight down; maximizing heat ventilation and keeping weight down are the two keys. While Jesse’s loadouts focus on speed and mobility, my loadout was designed for capacity. I had a Medium Transport Pack to carry ammo for a long game and a ton of pouches to hold ammo on my person. While the two loadouts had several differences, they both used a few of the same items because they work with nearly any loadout.

  1. Rothco Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Helmet: this new helmet is a lightweight version of our Base Jump Helmet. Besides being nearly 25% lighter, our new airsoft helmet features 8 vent holes and a rear dial for adjusting the fit. It also includes the NVG mount on the front and 2 side rails for accessories. With all the features of this helmet, it really was the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor play; lightweight and easily customizable.
  2. Rothco Military Combat Shirt: While Jesse was wearing our ¼ zip Combat Shirt and I the standard one, both serve the same purpose. The front and back are made of a breathable cotton/acrylic blend while the sleeves are a durable nylon/cotton blend with reinforced elbows to keep you protected while diving around. The perfect balance between comfort and protection, it makes the ideal shirt for either outdoor or indoor airsoft games.
  3. Rothco Tactical Single Point Sling: Nothing fancy about this item; the single point sling keeps your rifle attached to you while you’re going into your pack, switching to your sidearm, or just taking a breather between games. Simply a must have item for airsoft.
  4. Rothco Deluxe Adjustable Drop Leg Tactical Holster: Another simple item that you really should have regardless of game you’re playing or the field you’re on. Some people carry a secondary weapon on the front of their vest or on their belt but keeping the sidearm down on the leg leaves more room on the vest or belt for mags or other gear.
  5. Rothco V-Max Lightweight Tactical Boot: In fairness, we weren’t both wearing the V-Max style boot, but we should have been! This boot is a cross between a military combat boot and a sneaker; the boot has all the support and protection you’d expect from a combat boot with the added flexibility and weight of a sneaker.
-Matthew Leone

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rothco's Summer Camp Program Keeps On Growing

Continuing with our tradition of giving back to the community, for the 3rd year in a row, Rothco will be sponsoring summer camp programs for deserving children who otherwise would not be able to have this special summer experience. At Rothco, we believe in giving back to the community that has helped make Rothco who we are today, which is why we are so proud and excited to continue the summer camp program. 

This year, Rothco has expanded our camp program to include applicants who were recommended to us by guidance offices in our local school districts, and a local children and family services organization. This year we were able to fund 100% of the applications we received for camp assistance! We doubled our camp budget so that we could double the fun!

In addition, Rothco is very pleased and proud to be a sponsor for the Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Center in Wyandanch, which provides an affordable camp program for neighborhood children.

Our camp program is one of the most important things we do here at Rothco. We believe it helps create a healthy environment for local children, to help them grow into good citizens. Everyone here at Rothco is proud to say we work for a company that is so willing to give to others. For more information on the organizations Rothco supports please visit

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rothco's Next Line of Tactical Boots...

tactical boot, v-max, boot, rothco tactical boots, sneaker boot

Earlier this month Rothco introduced our highly anticipated new tactical boot, the V-Max Lightweight Tactical Boot. The lightweight boot was designed to give you comfort and flexibility, similar to a running shoe but with the support and durability of a military boot. 

Details On The V-Max Boot:
- Tan Nylon/Suede Leather Upper
- Padded Suede Collar
- Screened Vents
- Removable EVA Cushion Insole
- EVA & Rubber Outsole 
- 7 Eyelet Lace System 
- 8.5 Height
- Available in sizes 5-13

Rothco's V-Max Boots are the ultimate tactical athletic boot and they are available today!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plan Your Summer Getaway With Rothco!

The sun’s shining, temps are rising and the school year’s coming to an end. It’s time to start planning your summer getaways! Rothco has everything you need for any summer getaway. Whether you’re relaxing by the beach, riding the craziest roller coasters or taking a wild adventure in the wilderness, be sure to check out what Rothco has to offer!

  1.  Rothco has fashionable Clothing for all ages.
    • With over 40 camo patterns available in ShortsT-shirts, and Tank Tops Rothco has the largest selection of camo.
    • From Graphic tees to Performance tees, with over 5 different styles of Shorts with a wide range of color choices.
    • Going hiking? Sticking to the city? Rothco’s Boots are perfect for any terrain. Both stylish and comfortable, be sure to grab a pair.
    • While the weather tends to be unpredictable, Rothco has the Rainwear to keep you prepared. Stay dry with Rothco’s large selection of Rain Jackets and Ponchos
  2. Be prepared for anything with Rothco’s Accessories
    • Rothco has over 30 different styles of Hats, ranging from Boonies to low profile hats.
    • From tactical to aviator to classic performance style, Rothco’s Sunglasses will keep you protected from harmful sunrays.
    • For when the unexpected happens keep Rothco’s First Aid Kits on hand.
  3. Whether it’s for packing or everyday use Rothco has a Bag for every need.
Check out our vine to learn how to save space by packing with a skivvy roll:

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Rothco Gives Back To Local Veterans Charity With A Summer BBQ

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

Last week Rothco had the opportunity to host a summer BBQ for the local Veterans Home in our community that Rothco has adopted called The John J. Lynch Veterans Place. Over the past few year's Rothco and its employees through our Christmas Charity Program and other special events have come together to support this amazing organization; which offers a variety of housing options and support to Suffolk County, NY Veterans. 

Rothco is always looking for ways to give back to our local community and we can't think of a better way to support our community than to give back to the men & women who sacrifice so much to represent our country. 

Last week's event was extra special, not only did we get to put our BBQ skills to the test, members of Rothco's team got to meet with the Veterans and tour the facility. The Veterans graciously welcomed 20+ Rothco team members into their homes and showed us around the facilities. We received a tour of their rooms, rec area and special garden area (that was recently updated by Rothco - but more on that another time). 

As part of the event Rothco also made sure everyone there walked away with some free Rothco gear, each member received a brand new Operator Cap with Rothco's Hook & Loop Patch and Rothco T-Shirt. 

The members of Suffolk County United Veterans Project were even kind enough to present Rothco with a plaque in recognition of our contributions. 

For more information on the Suffolk County United Veterans Project and ways you can support the charity visit their site here. If you are looking for more ways to support they are also hosting a special event called The Kick Stands Up Motorcycle Poker Run & Car Show for Homeless Veterans happening July 25th, in Centereach, NY. 

Helpful Links:

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Friday, June 05, 2015

Looking Back on D-Day

This Saturday, June 6th will mark the 71st anniversary of D-Day. Known as “the beginning of the end of war in Europe,” D-Day occurred when American, British and Canadian forces landed on 5 beaches stretching along 50 miles of France’s Normandy region. Troops landed under heavy fire on mined and obstacle covered beaches. The result of this day was the allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. As a major event in history it is important to keep the memory of this day alive. 

As many have heard the story of D-Day, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about the event:
  • The allies employed various military deception techniques in order to mislead the Germans on the date and location of the landings.
  • The attack was originally supposed to take place on June 5th. Due to bad weather it was postponed to June 6th which was supposed to bring better weather. However, in reality the weather was just as bad.
  • In order to further fool the Germans there was a dummy invasion force staged across from the Pas de Calais, and fake paratroopers were dropped to the east and west of the Normandy landing.
  • A CBS reporter broadcasted the invasion live from a ship within the invading force.
  • D-Day is known as the largest seaborne invasion in history with about 5,000 landing and assault crafts, 289 escort vessels and 277 minesweepers.
  • This attack consisted of more than 150,000 personnel over air and sea with about 100,000 troops being involved.
  • The naming of D-Day is often debated. There are two main theories as to how the name came about; the first being that the D in D-Day stands for “Departed,” as in Departed Date. The second theory is that following WWI tradition the generic assignment of D-Day was used to name events which have unassigned dates.

D-Day represents the day when the tides began to turn against the Nazis. It marked a significant blow to Hitler’s military strategy and paved the way for the Allies’ entry into Germany. With such a significant impact on history it is important to remember the courage, and strength that was demonstrated by the brave men who fought in this battle. 

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Rothco Dealer Visit: StrikeForce Sports

My time working at Rothco has given me the opportunity to learn about interests and hobbies I never thought I would find myself a part of; let's just say if a zombie apocalypse happens I'm the one to call. I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our authorized dealers, StrikeForce Sports, an indoor airsoft field and shop in Deer Park, Long Island. I have never played airsoft before and prior to starting here at Rothco I had scarcely heard the term.

I know that airsoft is a growing market and that with Rothco's extensive line of military and tactical gear we have been growing more and more popular in the airsoft world. So, I decided to stop by StrikeForce and learn a little bit more about airsoft. I met with Jesse Geffen, a member of the StrikeForce team since 2013 and an airsoft player of over 10 years. In anticipation of my visit, Jesse put together two airsoft loadouts, using only Rothco gear. Jesse explained to me why the two loadouts he made were so different, told me what he loved about Rothco gear, and gave me a few pointers on the sport.

I never thought I'd be interested in airsoft but I have to admit, being decked out in Rothco tactical gear and shooting bb's around was a pretty great way to spend an afternoon. We'll be putting together a full video with the two specific loadouts we built as well as releasing the list of Rothco items we used to build them so stay tuned. In the meantime, take a look at some of the shots we took at StrikeForce.

-Matthew J Leone

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