Monday, April 27, 2015

What You Need To Know About....Rothco's MOLLE Plate Carrier Tactical Vest

This spring Rothco expanded its extremely popular MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest Collection to include ACU;  Rothco now offers the tactical vest in 5 colors including Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Drab, MultiCam and now ACU. 
Rothco's Molle Plate Carrier Vest is constructed with durable heavy weight 600 denier polyester material that is built to withstand tactical operations. The vest has 13.75" x 10.25" x 1" front and back internal sleeves for soft armor and plates and the vest includes an adjustable & detachable cummerbund with pockets for side panel plates (plate & soft armor not included). In addition, the vest features adjustable shoulder straps with detachable pads, emergency drag handle, padded mesh interior for increase breathability for comfort and quick release side buckles for easy removal. And what's a Tactical Vest without some MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatibility? Rothco' s Plate Carrier Vest is literally covered in MOLLE Webbing, allowing for quick and easy attachment of Modular Pouches. 

Learn more about Rothco's Tactical Vest Collection at 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


'Tis the season for Boonie Hats and no one has a larger selection of them than Rothco! . 

What you need to know about Rothco's Boonie Hat Collection:

  • Rothco carries the largest selection of boonies around - with 9 different styles
  • They say "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" and with 20 different color & camo patterns to choose from Rothco has you set 
  • Rothco's Classic Boonie Hats are made to government specifications and have great features like screened sided vents and branch loops 
  • Rothco's expanded Boonie Hat collection includes Adjustable Boonies, Tactical Boonies, Vintage Boonies and MORE
  • You can find every boonie hat you could ever want here! 

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Remembering the Start of a Revolution

A depiction of the battle at Concord
July 4th, 1776 is hands down the most famous day in American history; the day that the Continental Congress declared independence from their mother nation of Great Britain. However, the American Revolutionary War was already in full swing by the time independence had been declared. This Sunday, April 19th will mark the 240th year anniversary of the Battles of Lexington & Concord which marked the first engagement of troops between the British and the Colonists in the American Revolution. While remembering and celebrating the birthdate of our nation is of paramount importance to the patriotic American, as a keen lover of history, I find what leads up to the declaration of independence of equal importance.

On April 18th, the British soldiers in Boston were ordered to march to Concord, locate militia ammunition stores, and destroy them. Even before the United States had formed, the idea of being disarmed didn't sit well with the colonists, a sentiment that has echoed throughout history with mantras such as "Don't Tread on Me" and "Come & Take It". Militia gathered throughout the area to counteract the British, first by the dozens, then by the hundreds, by the next day thousands of militiamen had surrounded Boston after the battles of Lexington & Concord. The infamous “shot heard round the world” cannot be attributed to any one man, as accounts of where the first shot came from vary. Perhaps though, who fired the first shot is unimportant because the message of that shot was clear, the British Colonies in America were ready to be free.

It is often forgotten that many colonists opposed an open revolution and up until the battle of Lexington & Concord, many patriots and founding fathers felt that their grievances with British rule were more than a political disagreement with their parent nation. However, after the events of April 19th, 1775 it was evident that a diplomatic resolution was not likely and that the birth of a new nation was imminent.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rothco's Festival Survival Guide

Summer's approaching which means the "music gets louder; nights get longer, life gets better."

Rothco has the best gear to get you prepared for festivals like Coachella, CounterPoint, Bonnaroo, Firefly, TomorrowWorld and so much more!

Rothco's Festival Survival Guide:

  1. Safety Comes First!
    • First aid kits are essential for any minor cuts, bruises or injuries. 
    • Earplugs, because at some point you'll want to catch up on missed sleep, and well who wants ringing in their ears when they're trying to enjoy their favorite band.
    • And don't forget the insect repellent!
  2. Water
    • When you're spending all day outside in the sun it's easy to get dehydrated. Rothco's Hydration Packs provide convenient and easy access to water. 
  3. Clothes! - Fashion has become an essential aspect of all music festivals. And don't forget to pack some extra clothing for when the weather gets unpredictable. 
  4. Accessories
  5. Camping Gear - Perhaps the most important gear you'll need!
For more great festival survival tips follow our pinterest board "Festival Survival with Rothco" or visit

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Rothco Dealers - Are You Taking Advantage of Our New Paperless Billing?

Did you know - Rothco now offers all authorized dealers the option to receive their invoices via email with our new Paperless Billing System

Paperless billing is just one of many tools Rothco has developed over the past few years to help dealers streamline their business operations. 

Benefits of going paperless include

  • Receive your invoice the same day its generated - no waiting for it to arrive via mail! 
  • Cut down on paper mail to your business - which helps increase security of your documents 
  • Eliminate postal and clerical errors- paper invoices can get lost by anyone, by having it sent to your inbox you will not have to worry about that
  • Its saves a tree or two! 
If you are interested in enrolling in the program follow the simple steps here. (Authorized Dealer Log-In Is Required) 

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Friday, April 03, 2015

The Greatest Bag to Roll the Earth

Black Item 20055
Rothco released the 2015 Spring Supplement and one of the items featured on Page 10 is our new Wheeled Canvas Backpack .

Recently I attended a few trade shows and decided to try out this new bag. This bag is now my constant companion on every trip and has even replaced my everyday lap top bag. This bag is the perfect bag for travel or day-to-day use, and perfect for airplane carry-on.

This bag has 3 main compartments.
The large main compartment has a padded laptop compartment that has an elastic strap to secure your laptop and it will hold a 17” laptop.
The middle compartment has 2 compartments that are separated by a sleeve.
The front compartment has 6 separate compartments, perfect for keeping it organized.
Green Item 20057
The front of the bag also has two front zippers compartments, and 5 attachments loops. 2 expandable side pouches with zippers. 2 quick release buckles and 2 cinch straps, making it expandable.

The back of the bag has a padded back panel and padded shoulder straps, for when you want to carry it on your back and along with hideaway pockets for the straps, for when you don’t. It has a push button telescoping aluminum rod with a plastic handle for when you want a roll bag. Also has a padded top carry handle for when you need to hold.

Khaki Item 20056
Having 1 bag with options to carry on your back, roll when you don’t and carry in your hand is AMAZING.

This bag rolls smoothly without any noise, and the bag will not tip over when it's top heavy, it has a bar and two pegs to prevent that. The bag is expandable and has been filled to CAPACITY and fit right into the overhead bin. Size is 23” x 13” x 7 ½” and available in Black, Khaki and Green.

~ToniMarie Anselmo @Rothco

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