Friday, March 13, 2015

Picking Apart The Pixels - A Look Into Digital Camo

Digital Camo is everywhere! From military applications (like the much debated ACU/UCP) to fashion forward flavors (like our Red & Pink Digital Camo), its versatility lends itself into almost every marketplace, not to mention when it's done right, it's pretty easy on the eyes. 

So what is Digital Camo? According to my good-old-friend Wikipedia; there are three basic principles of digital camouflage:
  • Bi- or multi scale patterns - add high spatial frequency texture components that add concealment at closer ranges
  • Dithering - the production of intermediate colors where two fields of color meet
  • Edge effect - to modify visual processing of edges 
Despite the name "digital", the foundation of these patterns dates back to B.C (Before Computers) during WWII, if fact not all patterns are pixelated but rather a combination of large and small scale patterns, like German Flectarn.  It isn't until the early 2000's we see the modern day digital camouflage in use on military uniforms with CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern) and MARPAT (Marine Pattern) Patterns. 

Nowadays digital camouflage can be seen everywhere from the battlefield to the baseball field. And the best source for digital camo gear is Rothco, hands down. Not only do we have dozens of different color camo patterns to choose from, we've covered everything in digital camo, from BDU's to Backpacks

And we are not stopping anytime soon, this spring we added over a dozen new digital camo items including  pants, tee's, boonies and wallets and we introduced a new digital pattern - Orange Digital Camo

Our new Orange Digital joins our long line of Digital Camo Patterns including:

  • ACU Digital Camo 
  • City Digital Camo
  • Desert Digital Camo
  • Red Digital Camo
  • Digital Ultra Violet Camo
  • Midnite Navy Digital Camo
  • Pink Digital Camo
  • Sky Blue Digital Camo
  • Subdued Urban Digital Camo
  • Woodland Digital Camo

Rothco is YOUR source for Digital Camo

Kristy @ Rothco 

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