Friday, February 20, 2015

Practical Survival Tips from "The Walking Dead"

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is a great show, full of drama, zombies, action, and tremendous character development and acting. While this show is based completely in fiction and often times tests the boundaries of reality, even for a zombie show, there were 3 big aspects of survival that were emphasized on last week’s episode that stood out to me as important reinforcement survival lessons.
  1. Preventing Dehydration: There is a reason that water and hydration are always at the top of the list when it comes to survival or bugging out. The group from “The Walking Dead” found that our first hand this week as the poorly provisioned group wandered through unfamiliar terrain in an apparent drought. This, accompanied with them not having sufficient food, lead to sluggishness and weakness. This becomes a problem because, apart from your body physically not running at 100%, your mind begins to dull and your senses aren't sharp. The most important survival tool you have is your mind and if it isn't functioning you probably won’t survive very long. This brings me to my next point…
  2. Keep Your Head: The group this week was handling the recent loss of two of its members; this, accompanied by the lack of nutrition and hydration, leads to a few group members doubting their resolve. Noah admits that he doesn't think he can go on, Maggie has multiple breakdowns, and Sasha gets angry and nearly leads to Rick getting bitten. Every survival situation calls for you keeping your wits about you and the group was struggling to hold it together. Speaking of together…
  3. Work together. You won’t always be with others in a survival situation, in which case the point is mute, but if you are it’s important to make a plan and work together to see it through. The group had a nice plan laid out for dealing with the zombies near the overpass; Sasha broke the plan, forced improvisation, and Rick nearly gets chomped.
I’m glad the writers were able to incorporate some practical survival scenarios this week, apart from zombie killing strategy; or perhaps I just dive a little too deep into this show pulling out what practical things I can from the very unrealistic world of the zombie apocalypse.

-Matthew J Leone

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