Friday, January 30, 2015

Key to Surviving Winter Storm Juno: Rothco Gear

Well, we survived Winter Storm Juno here in the Northeast despite wind gusts as high as 95 mph, snow as deep as 3 feet, 6 states declaring a state of emergency and 4 states instating a travel ban. While the day off from work was quite enjoyable, for me, it also came with a great deal of time spent outside; mostly shoveling snow.

With the storm on the way, I decided to purchase for myself some Rothco gear because what's the good of working at the world's foremost supplier of military & outdoor products if you don't exercise your perks? So, I got myself a pair of the Rothco Cold Weather Hiking Boots which are easily the best boots I've ever owned (granted I've owned maybe 4 pairs of boots my entire life). I chose these boots because they are distinctly pedestrian and most of the boots we make are military boots but primarily, I chose these boots because they are waterproof. I spent all day with these boots on and my feet stayed both dry and warm.

I purchased a Rothco Watch Cap, which worked as well as you'd like a wool cap to. I also got a chance to wear my Rothco Heavy Weight Plaid Flannel, which I bought as part of my Halloween costume but wore throughout the day Tuesday and if anything, I could have done with one less layer of clothing as the flannel kept my quite warm all day.

I'm very glad I picked up some Rothco gear for the past storm; between the Rothco gear and my 1992 Jeep, I was barely affected by the weather at all. My only regret was that I didn't pick up a pair of gloves because the pair I had was soaked through two hours into my day and, even prior to that, didn't provide my hands with the warmth one would like.

Matthew J Leone - Rothco

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