Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of the Best for 2014

You just can't end the year without a year end countdown! That is why we are breaking down the top products of 2014. This list is the ultimate countdown of Rothco items; some are perennial favorites that top the list year after year, while others are newcomers that took off in 2014. Can you spot your favorite item? 

14. Boonies 

  9. Flannels

  6. Camo Tees

  4. BDU'S

  3. Oxfords

  2. Shemaghs

 1. Boots

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Supra X Rothco Collaboration

Rothco Announces An Innovative Collaboration with Supra Footwear! 

Rothco has partnered with legendary sneaker company Supra Footwear to release a limited edition collection that features our Medium Transport bag and duo of classic Supra shoes. 

For this collaboration, Supra has taken two of their most popular silhouettes—the Stacks Vulc II and Vaider—and enhanced them with premium materials in traditional military colors. In addition, the collection features one of Rothco’s most iconic tactical packs our Medium Transport Pack that has been customized with special Rothco & Supra nametape. 

The Rothco Vaider is constructed from drab ballistic fabric and features an embroidered hook & loop heel collar. The tongue is adorned with the traditional metal tongue slider of the Vaider’s original design. 

The Stacks Vulc II offers classic skate shoe style with modern performance and has been newly redesigned from a slimmer last for improved fit and board feel. The upper is composed of black suede and ballistic fabric with drab leather accents and speckled nylon rope laces.

The Supra X Rothco Collection will be available through select Supra retailers only. For more information and images on the project, visit or

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Friday, December 05, 2014

Army Navy Football: The Sport Without the Noise

Nothing epitomizes the sport of football quite like the annual Army Navy football. Football fans have had to endure scandal after scandal from substance abuse to murder in the NFL; an unwelcome distraction to a sport that so many love. However, the Army Navy football game cuts out all the noise and distractions that the NFL has been dealing with and gets down to the game. This game is not a game in which the players will fight for a playoff spot or try to impress scouts in hopes of obtaining ludicrous NFL contracts, it will just be a game played for the love of the game.

Once upon a time, athletes weren't treated as celebrities or paid millions of dollars; they played the sports they played because they loved them. The players competing in the Army Navy game are doing the same as most of them will move on to service in the United States Military after graduation. No doubt the players will fight fiercely to win the bragging rights over the other, as they have since 1890, but there is more respect than hatred between the two sides because, after all, it’s only a game.

The game will kick off at 3:00 on December 13th in Baltimore, Maryland with Navy. Navy has been dominant in recent memory winning 12 in a row and 15 of the last 17 as they lead the head to head matchup 58-49-7. In the sports world, the word “heroic” is used a lot to characterize athletes efforts on the field, but no matter the outcome of the game, the athletes playing in the Army Navy game are more deserving of that label than any in professional sports.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014