Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Must Haves

Army Navy stores have long been known as the go to source for authentic Halloween Costumes and with just a few key items, you have got the perfect costume. Below Rothco has highlighted 6 spooktacular items you've just got to have!

1. Face paint not only helps you create the perfect Army Man, it is also great for make-up effects.
2. Dog Tags - another great Army Man essential.
3. Sun glasses can be a part of a dozen different costumes including a pilot, cop, or just a cool dude. 

4. Handcuffs - another great law enforcement
accessory, perfect for anyone playing cops or robbers this Halloween

5. Any classic military hat! From a campaign hat to a fatigue hat, they are a great way to "top-off" a costume. 

6. The bandana - I could sit here for hours listing the costumes this items is perfect for... From Rosie to Rambo a lot of classic costumes would not be complete without this icon accessory. 

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