Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rothco Wins the HIA Large Business Achievement Award

Milton Somberg, Howard Somberg, HIA Awards
Milton & Howard Somberg Being Honored 
Yesterday Milton Somberg and Howard Somberg graciously accepted the HIA Large Business Award for 2014 on behalf of Rothco. It was a great honor bestowed upon Rothco by one of the largest business associations in the U.S. And while it was an honor just to be nominated and to be a part of this special event and organization; receiving such an award from our fellow Long Island business leaders was a great achievement for Rothco.

The award, which is celebrating its 20th Year, is given to companies who demonstrate achievements in industry leadership, creativity, successful business operations, corporate vision and other factors necessary to develop and grow a winning organization. Along with Milton and Howard Somberg members of Rothco's team joined in on the celebration, everyone there was extremely proud of Rothco and the award we received. 

Members of Rothco's Team join in on the celebration 

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