Thursday, September 25, 2014

NYZ Zombie Survival

Not so scary with the lights on
This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of our dealers here on Long Island, StrikeForce Sports, in an attempt to learn more about the sport of airsoft. I expected to see the two walls of airsoft guns, the shop full of gear, much of it being Rothco, the staging area bustling with players preparing for their next match, but I did not expect to come across zombies.

Attached to StrikeForce is NYZ Apocalypse, a unique zombie survival experience in which you are equipped with full weight laser rifles, set loose into the Apollo Prison System, and tasked with eradicating the zombie population that has overrun the facility. They were kind enough to allow me to tour the facility before operating hours (so that I would be safe from zombies) and I was thrilled by what I found.

One of NYZ's makeup stations
NYZ is more than just laser tagging zombies; it’s a fully immersive experience. The zombies are made up at the facility in full makeup, full prison gear (like Rothco's Orange Jumpsuit), get into character, and stay in character; the course sounds, looks (if you can see in the dark), and even smells like the real deal.

This looks like a great event for the Halloween season and I can’t wait to grab a team, head down to NYZ, and try out the course myself; maybe I’ll even see if I can get a job as a zombie.

Matthew J Leone - Rothco

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