Friday, August 01, 2014

25 Ways To Use A Bandana

I bet everyone at one point in their life has owned a bandana – and you would be amazed at all the different ways one can utilize this classic accessory. There is a reason why we dedicate over 2 pages in our catalog and have 23 different styles of bandanas. We also have wide assortment of colors and patterns ranging from digital camo to “Don’t Tread On Me”, and even a brand new zombie themed bandana.

With all of this hoopla going on I became curious of all the fun and unique ways a bandana can be used by almost everyone and began to conjure up some ideas. Keep in mind that the list below expresses how a bandana can be used in fashionable ways, as a survival tool, and in everyday activities. I have also demonstrated some uses with my personal favorite, the pink trainmen bandana.

1) Gun Wipe Cloth
2) Mark a Trail
3) Clean Glasses and other lens 
4) Bullet Patches for Muzzle-loader
5) Pot Holder
6) Washcloth/Towel
7) Shoulder padding for Bug Out Bag
8) Fire starter 
9) To look tougher
10) Coffee filter 
11) Flag football
12) Wet face cover to escape from fire
13) Dog collar
14) Dust mask
15) Stick two ends through skydiving helmet for “bunny ears” on the jump
16) Tie long hair back
17) Small fish net
18) Hobo Pack
19) Head covering – tucked underneath a hat to protect your
neck from the sun
20) Sling - for an injured arm
21) Pack it with ice and use it as a cold pack
22) Toilet paper
23) Sweatband
24) Handkerchief
25) Concealment for a concealed carry weapon

Darine @ Rothco
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