Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shining Brightly On Our Solar Technology

Woohoo! No more shoveling snow off your driveway
Recently I came across a really fascinating article discussing the future of solar power being utilized on roadways in an article called “Solar Freakin Roadways." These roadways will allow electric cars to charge anywhere, in parking lots, rest stops, and along the shoulder of the roads. 

After reading the article solar roads it got me thinking of all the cool solar power items Rothco carries. Not only can these items be environmentally savvy, but they are also great camping & survival tools.
One of the first solar items that Rothco carries that caught my eye is the  Deluxe Solar Charger/Speaker case. This item allows you to charge your phone as well as listen to the music on your phone. It’s a two in one deal! I personally find this product to be very convenient to carry around when going to the beach, hunting, camping, or even during power outages. Imagine you are going camping or hunting and obviously there are no outlets around to plug in your charger; instead you take out your very own personal Deluxe Solar Charger/Speaker case and begin to charge your phone right there. 

Some of Rothco's other solar items:
  1. Rothco Solar/Wind Up Flashlight With AM/FM Radio
  2. Rothco MOLLE Compatible Foldable Solar Charger which can be attached to backpacks, gear bags, and belts
  3. Rothco Five Gallon Solar Camp Shower for those long hot hunting or camping days
Enjoy the small things in life today, so you can look back and say one day, "this lead to the big things that changed and bettered our ways." Solar Roadways may take a while to be implemented, but for now I will enjoy my handy dandy solar charger/speaker case until bigger and better things come along.

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Darine @ Rothco