Friday, June 06, 2014

Rothco Inside Info - Targeting Markets: Tactical/Airsoft

With over 4,000 products, Rothco has seen its products cross over into many different markets apart from their traditional Army/Navy roots; one such market, which thrives on authenticity, is Airsoft. Beginner players are generally 12 to 14 years old, and want to emulate real military men & women while looking for affordable products that offer strong value. With a variety of military and tactical products, it's no wonder that many airsoft & paintball players have started looking toward Rothco for gear. With this in mind, we have put together a list of items that have been designed for the Tactical or Airsoft consumer:

1894: Rothco Airsoft Base Jump Helmet
  • Durability: Thick, rigid plastic ready to take abuse.
  • Comfort: Padded foam, GI style hi retention chin strap. This helmet isn't going anywhere.
  • Features: Adjustable, side rails, Velcro kit, NVG mount (compatible w/ Go Pro)
  • Quick release rail adapters for picatinny rail accessories
  • Adjustable circular camera mount

  • PALS webbing cummerbund
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Fits ballistic plates or soft panels (used by airsofters)
Recommended Pouches:
There are many other items from Rothco's Tactical Collection that are popular in the airsoft market, such as our Light Weight Soft Shell Spec Ops Jacket (click link for my video). To see more tactical products, check out our Digital Tactical Catalog and take a look at our Best Selling Tactical & Airsoft Products.

Hans Blechschmidt
Sales Manager

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