Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shining Brightly On Our Solar Technology

Woohoo! No more shoveling snow off your driveway
Recently I came across a really fascinating article discussing the future of solar power being utilized on roadways in an article called “Solar Freakin Roadways." These roadways will allow electric cars to charge anywhere, in parking lots, rest stops, and along the shoulder of the roads. 

After reading the article solar roads it got me thinking of all the cool solar power items Rothco carries. Not only can these items be environmentally savvy, but they are also great camping & survival tools.
One of the first solar items that Rothco carries that caught my eye is the  Deluxe Solar Charger/Speaker case. This item allows you to charge your phone as well as listen to the music on your phone. It’s a two in one deal! I personally find this product to be very convenient to carry around when going to the beach, hunting, camping, or even during power outages. Imagine you are going camping or hunting and obviously there are no outlets around to plug in your charger; instead you take out your very own personal Deluxe Solar Charger/Speaker case and begin to charge your phone right there. 

Some of Rothco's other solar items:
  1. Rothco Solar/Wind Up Flashlight With AM/FM Radio
  2. Rothco MOLLE Compatible Foldable Solar Charger which can be attached to backpacks, gear bags, and belts
  3. Rothco Five Gallon Solar Camp Shower for those long hot hunting or camping days
Enjoy the small things in life today, so you can look back and say one day, "this lead to the big things that changed and bettered our ways." Solar Roadways may take a while to be implemented, but for now I will enjoy my handy dandy solar charger/speaker case until bigger and better things come along.

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Darine @ Rothco

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rothco's Latest Tactical Poster

Attention Rothco Dealers... 
Get your hands on our Brand New 
Police Tactical Poster today! 

To get one for your store just add item RPT to your next purchase & did I mention its free! 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Survive Friday The 13th With Rothco

Not only is today Friday The 13th but it is also happening under a full moon. An event that will not happen again till 2049. To make sure you survive to see another one, Rothco has put together a helpful list of tips and supplies to get you through this extra spooky day...
#Survive With Rothco 

1. Let one of Rothco's many compasses guide you in the right direction and keep you away from killer locations such as Elm Street, Crystal Lake or strange Cabins in The Woods. 

2. As they always say... a good defense is always the best offense! Rothco's Collection of Machetes, Axes & Knives will give you a fighting chance against those pesky serial killers. And if sharp object aren't your thing pepper spray can go a long way. 

3. Lock it up & tie it down. Secure all open windows doors with as many locks and paracord as possible. 

4. Keep an eye out for black cats and other bearers of bad luck crossing your path with a good pair Binoculars

5. Know that the power WILL go out and you will need a flashlight or two and while you're at it invest in solar charger, this way your phone will stay charged and you can try and call for help. 

6. If all else fails run & hide. Rothco's collection of camo netting like this one (we don't call it "Killer Kamo" for nothing) and ghilly suits will provide the perfect cover.

Good Luck! 

Kristy @ Rothco 

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Rothco Inside Info - Targeting Markets: Tactical/Airsoft

With over 4,000 products, Rothco has seen its products cross over into many different markets apart from their traditional Army/Navy roots; one such market, which thrives on authenticity, is Airsoft. Beginner players are generally 12 to 14 years old, and want to emulate real military men & women while looking for affordable products that offer strong value. With a variety of military and tactical products, it's no wonder that many airsoft & paintball players have started looking toward Rothco for gear. With this in mind, we have put together a list of items that have been designed for the Tactical or Airsoft consumer:

1894: Rothco Airsoft Base Jump Helmet
  • Durability: Thick, rigid plastic ready to take abuse.
  • Comfort: Padded foam, GI style hi retention chin strap. This helmet isn't going anywhere.
  • Features: Adjustable, side rails, Velcro kit, NVG mount (compatible w/ Go Pro)
  • Quick release rail adapters for picatinny rail accessories
  • Adjustable circular camera mount

  • PALS webbing cummerbund
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Fits ballistic plates or soft panels (used by airsofters)
Recommended Pouches:
There are many other items from Rothco's Tactical Collection that are popular in the airsoft market, such as our Light Weight Soft Shell Spec Ops Jacket (click link for my video). To see more tactical products, check out our Digital Tactical Catalog and take a look at our Best Selling Tactical & Airsoft Products.

Hans Blechschmidt
Sales Manager

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Camouflage: From Old to New

The military has been looking for a suitable replacement for its current Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) and while the front runner seemed to be Crye Precision's MultiCam, it’s been announced that the Army will be going with the Scorpion Camouflage Pattern. Scorpion is a close cousin to the MultiCam pattern that was being issued in Afghanistan but the United States Army owns the Scorpion pattern, which was developed by Crye for the Army’s “Objective Force Warrior” program. Interestingly, the new scorpion pattern looks a lot like Rothco's Total Terrain Camo which we currently have as a T-Shirt but will be producing as a BDU coming this fall.

So as we say goodbye to the current UCP and usher in the era of the scorpion, my inner historian compels me to look back at some other retired camouflage patterns. Many of the past patterns are carried by Rothco, such as, my personal favorite, the Tiger Stripe Camo which was introduced during the Vietnam War. Currently, the tiger stripe has gone beyond the Call of Duty and has become very popular in the fashion arena.

The most recognizable and well known camouflage pattern is Woodland Camo, which was first introduced in 1981 with the issue of the Battle Dress Uniform. The classic woodland camouflage consists of simple sand, brown, black, and green colors. A desert version of the BDU was also made in six color desert camo and, later, three color desert camo.

The classic camo patterns were replaced by the coming of digital camouflage; ACU Digital Camo (see above as UCP) became the new standard for the Army while other branches of the military used desert digital and woodland digital camo. This is now, of course, being replaced by the Scorpion Camo; while the next innovation in camouflage may be some time away (or maybe not) one can only image what the next wave of camouflage will look like.

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