Friday, April 25, 2014

What's A Shemagh?

What is a shemagh? Nothing more than a simple 42 X 42 inch woven piece of cotton fabric. What you can do with the shemagh, however, is a completely different story.

The shemagh, also called a keffiyeh, originated in the Middle East and was used to protect the wearer's face from the harsh desert environment. Today, the shemagh has become popular across the globe, and is considered far more than a simple piece of apparel. Preppers, survivalists, campers, and outdoorsmen alike have been coming up with inventive and unique ways to use the shemagh beyond its intended purpose. A few of these uses are outlined in the video below, as well as instructions on how to tie the shemagh.

These aren't the only uses for the shemagh however. Some of other uses include:

The shemagh is certainly a practical tool that any outdoorsman or prepper should carry with them. For more details on the shemagh or to order one online, visit and check out the different colors & styles.

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