Thursday, March 27, 2014

A First Timer's Perspective of the ISS Trade Show

I recently had the pleasure of representing Rothco at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City. The ISS trade show is dedicated to the decorated apparel industry and showcases a wide range of vendors exhibiting their printing supplies and equipment.

It was my first trade show as well as my first time in Atlantic City. When I arrived at the convention center Thursday morning, I walked into nothing more than a concrete warehouse full of boxes, machines, and people in no particular order. I proceeded to set up the Rothco booth with our display of mostly our Canvas Bag Collection & Camouflage Apparel until everything was picture perfect (see perfect picture).

When I walked into the show the next morning, I was surprised to see that the concrete floors had been carpeted, the random assortment of boxes had been constructed into vibrant displays, and the silent machines had transformed into a muffled orchestra of printing equipment. I spent the remainder of the day discussing product, fielding questions regarding price and availability, and speaking with current & prospective dealers about Rothco.

The second day was much of the same, but much busier. So many people stopped by, I didn't even get a chance to break for lunch. I was surprised to find that, although the vast majority of people were new to Rothco, dozens of current dealers stopped by the booth. Most of our dealers just came by to say hello, pass along praise, and see what new products were available.

Some of our dealers went as far as to discuss how much they enjoy dealing with Rothco with other attendees; praising our efficient shipping methods, friendly customer service, and high in-stock rates. It was a pleasure to meet dealers who appreciate the relationship between their company and ours beyond just the dollars and cents.

On the final day, I arrived early so that I could wander around and peek at some of the other exhibits. It was the slowest of the three days but it allowed me to engage in more lengthy conversation with my visitors which was nice. After the show, I bid my neighboring exhibitors farewell, packed up my booth and headed on my way.

I had a great time over the course of the weekend and not just because I won money playing blackjack at Caesar's Palace (and no, Caesar does not actually live there). I most enjoyed having the opportunity to meet some of our current dealers face-to-face. I am considerably new at Rothco but our dealers welcomed me, and spoke to me about their business and Rothco as if I were joining part of a family. It is nice to be a part of a company that garners that type of reaction from its customers. I was honored to be chosen to represent Rothco at the ISS Show and I look forward to my next undertaking.

Matthew J Leone

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rothco's TactiSling Video Product Breakdown With John Brucculeri

Rothco's sales manager John Brucculeri gives a detailed breakdown of latest tactical back pack. Rothco's Tactisling Pack features a sling over-the-shoulder strap, which can swing to the front for quick & easy access to important compartments. In addition the tactical pack is MOLLE & hydration compatible with a water repellent lining

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Today marks the official start of spring and after the extreme winter weather we had this year we deserve a little "spring break".  Rothco has put together a checklist of 5 spring time items, to get you ready for the warmer weather. 

Spring Check List
Number One on our list of top items for spring is Rothco's collection of Boonie Hats. With over 30 styles & colors to choose from including our new Adjustable Boonie Hats, there is truly a hat for everyone. Boonie hats are designed perfectly for the warmer weather, the wide brim will protect you from the sun and the screened vents will keep you cool all spring & summer long.


You can't have spring checklist without mentioning
shorts. Number two on our checklist is Rothco's Vintage Paratrooper Cargo Shorts. These classic cargo shorts are super soft, yet ruggedly durable and will last forever! The vintage cargo shorts are available in 9 colors including 6 camouflage patterns. 


A classic in any season,
Rothco's collection of Vintage T-Shirts are number 3 on our checklist and a must have for spring. Rothco offers dozens of options, all of which you can find at 


For those warmer spring days, Rothco's collection of camouflage tank tops are perfect! This spring Rothco has even added a new camo pattern to this growing collection,
woodland digital.


Rothco's Covert Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket is ideal for the warmer weather months. The jacket features a lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable shell. In addition, the jacket is a 100% waterproof, making it the perfect jacket to combat those annoying spring showers.

For more information on the jacket, checkout our video review.

I know I am ready for Spring, what about you?!?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rothco Survival Hack: Candle in a Can

Look no further Rothco's got the survival & camping hacks to keep you prepared for whatever situation may come your way. From utilizing crayons as a candle to using a soda can as a lantern, our latest hack is something to shine a light on.

For more great survival tips, checkout Rothco's Camping & Survival Tips Playlist on YouTube.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Survival Fishing for When SHTF

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation where you are lost in the wild or your vehicle breaks down far from help, you will need to pay immediate attention to the important things.  Building a fire, treating your injuries, building a shelter, and obtaining water are among the first things to do when you know you are lost.   Once these concerns are dealt with, as the days go on having something to eat will help you maintain a positive attitude and provide you with more energy.

If you are stranded near a body of water, fishing will be one of your best bets.  If you are lucky enough to have a survival kit or survival knife on you with the necessary fishing line, hooks, and lures, you should be set.  But without the proper fishing equipment you must improvise and use any available material to create the fishing tackle you need.  Below you will find examples on how to set up your hook and line using the environment around you.  
Fish hooks can be made using the
materials around you.

  • The hooks can be improvised from thorns from a branch, paper clips, or even a soda can be welded into an effective hook.
  • Fishing line may be a little more difficult to find, but you can use threads from your clothes, dental floss, or even paracord.  Paracord has a 7 strand core, so if you pull out one of the strands out it will make for a tough fishing line.  Some fisherman can even make paracord into a fishing lure (Click here for instructions.)  
  • Regardless of the set up you manage to put together, it is important to have a set up in more than one spot, to increase your chances of a much needed meal.  This can be done by tying the line to a branch over the water and will also save you some time to attend to more important things.

There are also other techniques that don’t involve a hook and line.  Some people prefer the spear fishing method, which can be used with the branch of a tree.  Carve the end to a sharp point to use as a makeshift spear.  Spear fishing can be successful but it requires a lot of patience, practice, and time.   Another fishing method I've seen is with hand and knife.  Click here to see the video, it's a very cool technique

When cooking your catch, the process is pretty straight forward.  Scale it, gut it, fillet it, and then cook it.  If you are fishing freshwater fish you should cook the fish as soon as possible to avoid spoiling.  Also, very important -- WATCH YOUR BACK!  If you concentrate too hard on your next meal, you might become the next meal of another predator.  Safety first!

 For more survival tips and gear, check us out at Rothco Readiness & Survival on Facebook!

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

Friday, March 07, 2014

What In The Bag?

Over the past several years one of the most successful line of bags to emerge into the market are Rothco's line of Tactical Transport Pack's, including our extremely popular Medium Transport Pack 

While these bags were created for tactical and military use, they have evolved into an everyday pack with a wide range of uses. Rothco's Medium Transport Pack features one large main compartment with a narrower profile that allows for more range of motion, which makes it ideal for everything from carrying weapons to a simple trek outdoors. And because the bag can expand outwards you can load up on gear and is prefect for building the ideal Bug Out Bag

Additional features of the pack include:
- MOLLE compatible 
- Hydration bladder compatible
- Heavy duty zippers
- Coating lining for water repellency
- Tons of pockets for storage
- Adjustable & padded shoulder straps
- Padded back with a breathable mesh backing
- Top carry handle 
- Y-cinch strap

Rothco's Medium Transport Pack is now available in 10 colors including our recently added Tiger Stripe Camo, which people can't stop buzzing about on social media. Also be on the lookout for even more new colors/patterns on the horizon. To stay up to date on the latest product make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Monday, March 03, 2014

Live Chat With Rothco

Earlier this year Rothco launched a new feature to our site exclusively for dealers.  This new feature will allow dealers to instantly connect with our expert customer service team from the convenience of your computer screen via our new Live Chat Customer Service Program. 

Accessing the Live chat is simple! Just log into the site as you normally would and click on the "Live Chat" button located at the top of your screen. A pop-up box will appear and you will be required to submit your name and account information, once the information is submitted you will be transferred to the first available customer service agent. The chat feature is available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm EST.  

Rothco prides itself on fast, reliable service and our live chat is no different! Your questions will be answered by an actual Rothco employee from our New York headquarters and is given the same amount of priority as contacting us via phone.  In fact the live chat offers the added benefit of being able to save & print your conversations for future reference. 

Next time you have a question for Rothco, strike up a conversation with our live chat, we are waiting to hear from you! 

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