Friday, January 24, 2014

10,000 Strong & Growing

Not too long ago, Rothco held a very special promotion for our 9,000th dealer, so when we hit 10,000 only a few years later we were super excited and honored to have so many new partners join our family. To honor this monumental milestone, Rothco wanted to reward that lucky 10,000th dealer with a special prize and get to know them a little better with this dealer profile. 

The lucky 10,000 dealer to Rothco was Affordable Tactical Supply out of Sachse, Texas, who opened their doors just over a year ago. The business is run by the husband and wife team of Randy and Naydeen Stone. Randy a former Military Police officer knew the importance of having the right gear and wanted to help people in the field make the right choice. One of the biggest benefits to owning the business for Randy is getting to spend time with the folks that make up his core customer base, including the local police and fire departments, to which he owes a lot of the stores success too. 

Eventually Affordable Tactical Supply would like to expand their merchandise base to not only include more tactical gear but to grow into the survival and hunting market as well. 

Randy's Store Affordable Tactical Supply can be found on the web at and their store can be found at 5634 Hwy 78 Suite 114, Sachse, TX. Be sure to also check them out on Facebook

Congratulations and a special thank you to Affordable Tactical Supply for deciding to become a part of Rothco. We look forward to a great partnership. 

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

13 Of The Most Sought After Items of 2013

13 can be a very lucky number! 

Take a look back with Rothco as we highlight the top items from 2013. From new items like our line of Tactical Soft Shell Jackets to classics like our combat boots, 2013 will be sure to go down in the history books! Checkout below as we highlight our most sought after products, from both the 2013 Catalog and the best new product of the year. .

The Classics - nothing represents Rothco like these essential items. A must have for any dealer, these items cross decades & markets. 

1. Rothco's G.I Style Jungle Boots [5081]

2. Rothco's Woodland Camo T- Shirt [8777]  

3. BDU Pants [7971]

4. M-65 Field Jackets & MA-1 Flight Jackets 

5. Rothco's Camo BDU Pants [7941]

6. Rothco's Shemagh Tactical Scarf 

7. Nylon Paracord 

Then New Standards - introduced over the past couple of years these "new" items become extremely popular from the tactical to fashion market and are truly the best of 2013!

8. Polyester Paracord 

9. Rothco's Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket 

10. Rothco's M.O.L.L.E Plate Carrier Vest 

11. Rothco's Combat Shirts 

13. Rothco's Deluxe 4-Pocket Chinos 

I can't wait to see what makes it on to the list next year! Start your guesses here

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: Pinterest

Social media is no longer an option in the marketing world; it is a necessity. 72% of all internet users have a social media profile; Facebook has over 1 billion active users, Google + has over 350 million, and Twitter has 215 million.

Pinterest is one social media site that has grown at breakneck speed. It was reported that Pinterest had 48.7 million users in February 2013 but grew to 70 million in only 6 months. So it is no surprise that Rothco has begun leaving its social footprint on one of the fastest growing social media sites.

Rothco Product Boards
One of the ways we utilize Pinterest is by creating product boards. Some of these boards, such as the "Fall 2013 Collection" and "Rothco x Pony" boards are displayed to introduce new products; while other boards such as our "Tactical Gear" and "Soft Shell Jacket Collection" are made so that our followers can easily view items in the category they are interested in.

Pinterest, however, allows Rothco to do more than just post product images. As the world's foremost supplier of military and outdoor products, Rothco knows a thing or two about the outdoors. Our "Rothco Readiness & Survival" board is a great way for us to relay survival tips to everyone from the everyday prepper to the casual camper; and our "All Things Paracord" board is a great way to share fun crafts and DIY ideas with our followers.

Rothco Fashion Boards
Lastly, Pinterest give us a way to connect with our followers. We have boards that share our informative YouTube videos, our creative Instagram photos, and our wonderfully written blogs. We also have boards sharing our interest such as our fashion boards, "Cool Military Style" and "Cool Camo Caught on Camera". All alliterations aside, Pinterest is a great way for Rothco to connect with followers who share our interests.

So make sure to follow us on Pinterest. Don't have a Pinterest? Signing up is easy just click here

by Matthew J Leone @Rothco

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Rothco Announces A One-Of-A-Kind Collaboration With PONY

Rothco is excited to announce our collaboration with legendary sneaker brand PONY. The project brings two New York originals together to present a military inspired capsule collection that brings forward 3 hybrid pieces between army & urban gear. The collection features a sneaker boot, authentic woodland camo backpack and jacket.

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