Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Does It Mean To Be Prepared?

Exactly one year ago today the east coast along with Rothco braced for Hurricane Sandy to hit. While the Hurricane itself only lasted a couple of hours, the effects of its devastation were felt for weeks even months and some people are still dealing with the aftermath a year later. 

Last year's "super storm" taught as all a valuable lesson in what being prepared actually meant; a flashlight and a gallon of water isn't going to cut it. Extensive flooding, gas shortages and weeks without power became a burden many of us had to deal with. Even Rothco felt the effects, having to close our doors (which is something we NEVER do) because of power outages. However, it didn't take us long to realize we needed to be better prepared for situations like this. 

That is why Rothco took being prepared to the next level by investing in a generator. This new generator will allow Rothco to serve our dealers better - ensuring we always have power to get your orders out in time and now super storm will stop us!

While massive generators are not the norm...How do you prepare for natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy?

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Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Outerwear Options You Need To Know About From Rothco

From Soft Shell to M-65 Jackets here is a rundown of some essential outerwear from Rothco. From classic military jackets like our M-65 to our updated tactical jackets like our Lightweight Soft Shell, Rothco has it all

 Rothco's Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jackets
 Rothco's Soft Shell Tactical M-65 Jacket
Rothco's Covert Spec Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco's Covert Spec Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

 Rothco's Vintage M-65 Field Jacket
 Rothco's M-65 Field Jacket

 Rothco's M-51 Fishtail Parkas

 Rothco's M-51 Flight Jackets

Rothco's All Weather 3-1 Jacket
Rothco's 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rothco's 2014 Catalog is Here!

Rothco's 2014 Catalog and New Product Collection are here and will be arriving in dealer's mailboxes this week, so be on the lookout. This year's catalog is 308 pages long and contains over 4000 items including 350 BRAND NEW items. This is our biggest catalog to date and features more new product than ever before. 

Some of the new items featured in our 2014 Catalog include:

  • 7 New Styles & Colors of Military & Tactical Jackets
  • 3 New Tactical Vests & 9 Tactical Holsters
  • 11 New Tee's Including 6 New Vintage Military T-Shirts
  • 11 Operator & Low Profile Caps & 8 New Boonie Hats
  • 18 New Morale Patches
  • 16 New Canvas Shoulder Bags & Travel Gear Bags
  • Our New Base Jump Helmets in Black & Coyote 
  • Our Exclusive Military MMA Fight Shorts
  • 22 New Paracord & Paracord Accessories Items
  • Over 20 Knives & Survival Tools

Find all the new items in our Fall 2013 New Product Collection. You can also view all new & existing products at www.rothco.com, here you can also find digital versions of all Rothco catalogs including our Boot, Vintage, Tactical Collection and more.  

Rothco's Warehouse Unpacking the Catalogs & Sending Them Out

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rothco is the One-Stop Shop for Halloween Costumes for Men’s Women’s, Kid’s and Infants

US Soldier
Swamp Creature

If you're looking for the latest and authentic 2013 Halloween costumes, look no further than Rothco. We offer affordable Halloween costumes that are unique and impressive.

Rothco has developed some creative and cost effective costumes for men, women, children and infants. The theme for this is authenticity, dress to impress this year as soldiers, military pilots, and police officers and more!

Below is a list of costumes ideas for 2013:
Navy Seal

For the Men: Army Solider, Navy Seal, Zombie Hunter, Prisoner, Military Pilot, SWATOfficer, Police Officer and Swamp Creature just to name a few ideas
Lady Crypt Raider

Women's Police Costume
We all know Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. It’s a chance for kids to run around town hopped up on sugar and for adults a chance to play dress up for a night. With Halloween approaching soon, you will need to get yourself an exclusive Rothco Halloween costume.
Camo Soldier

 Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween - Treat or Treat!

Infant Police Costume
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Blogger: Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team – Helping Families of our Fallen Heroes

In today’s world there are many non-profit groups that help Military personal, most of them that we see have one key word in them “Veterans”. While I support them all and thank our good Lord everyday for these men and women that fight for our country to give us the freedom to do what we love, there is one group of people that is often forgotten and they are the kids, wives and families of our Fallen Heroes.

Last summer I was contacted by a group of guy’s looking for a little help setting up a new non-profit group, “The Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team”. Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team is a fishing team of exclusively active and retired military personnel, with over 188 collective years of active duty. 

Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team Inc. is a non-profit organization that utilizes fishing as an instrument in actively supporting organizations involved with survivors of Veterans programs locally and nationally.  This organization provides a platform for wounded Veterans and survivors of Veterans to fish at different levels, and multiple events throughout each year improving their quality of life. 

In today’s world with all the government shut downs, the families of our Fallen need a group like this more than ever and need the people of the world to step up and help too. I started out helping them with a website and doing some promotions for them through my business free of charge of course. This past Spring I had the fortune to spend two full weeks with this group who I call heroes, in person. I stayed in their homes, ate at their tables and was treated like family and left with a new outlook on life. I am the only civilian that works with the group one on one and it has been an honor to help the cause. I am now the Funding Manager for the organization and handle their media also.

With your help this full 501(c) 3 non-Profit organization can give back to the families of our Fallen Heroes throughout the Special Ops community all across the US. Please visit the Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team at their web site and donate today and follow them on their Facebook social media page.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you wish to donate over the phone with a credit card or become a sponsor of this great group.

God Bless,
James Smith
Funding Manager

Reel Men Special Forces Fishing Team

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Rothco's Going Hard With Soft Shell Gear

Over the past few years Rothco has worked on developing a line of soft shell products. For our upcoming 2014 catalog we have introduced 5 new Soft shell jackets and accessories.

Rothco’s Soft Shell material is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.  It combines the benefits of being 100% waterproof like a hard shell material, and being comfortable like fleece.  The soft shell products we carry fit naturally to your body and stretch to your movement.  You can wear these soft shell items when you’re skiing, camping, or outdoor activity where protection from rain or snow is important.  The material reflects wind and wicks away moisture which makes it even great if you’re going for a run.

Some of our hottest items are made with this soft shell material, such as our Special Ops Tactical Jacket, M-65 Jacket, Covert Spec Ops Jacket, and BoonieHats, just to name a few.  Some of our latest Soft Shell items you can find in our 2013 New Product Catalog that was just released.  Be sure to click the links below for more details on our Soft Shell products!

Rothco's Covert Spec Ops Lightweight Softshell Jacket