Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Luke Trahan -- Rothco's T-shirt Design Contest Winner

Rothco’s 1st Annual ‘Draw Your Weapons’ T-shirt Design Contest has come to end, and what a success it was!  The contest ran from June to the beginning of September and we had constant engagement with all of the fans.  This was the biggest prize package Rothco has ever given away.  With a trip to NYC and $500 worth of Rothco product at stake, we received hundreds of amazing designs from all of our fans across the nation. 

It was a close race right down to the finish but Luke Trahan from Sulfur, Louisiana came away the victor.  Luke has been a fan of Rothco for several years now.  He had a great idea sketching out a skull with a boonie hat, and “Bad to the Boonie” phrase right below it.  With boonie hats trending high this year, it was no wonder the fans liked Luke’s design so much!

We asked Luke how he came up with the design and he said, "I came up with the idea because my friends and I play airsoft for fun, and some of us wear camo boonie hats when we play.  I have never seen any skull art with a boonie cap, so I thought it would be a neat idea.  Bad to the Boonie is also a creative phrase I have never heard."

This will be Luke’s first trip to NY.  We had asked him what his plans are for New York and he said as of now he doesn't have any set plans yet.  This was also not the first t-shirt Luke has design, he said he has designed a few t-shirts in the past.

To top things off, Luke will also be joining us for Rothco's 60th Anniversary celebration here in NY.  We wanted to thank everyone who participated in this successful contest.  We look forward to seeing your designs next year!