Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad & Military Clothing

For anyone who is a fan of Breaking Bad (and who isn't?), its hard not to see the influences of military fashion & surplus in the show. From Military Jackets, BDU's and trunks full of ammo cans, the subtle influences can be found throughout the 5 seasons of this groundbreaking show. I could totally see Walter White (aka Heisenberg) making a stop at his local army/navy store. 

When Walt and Jesse are not rocking the yellow hazmat suits, they can both be seen wearing Field Jackets not unlike our M-65 Jacket

Keeping in line with the military jackets, no matter what side of the law the characters may be on, the jacket of choice for a good old fashion shoot out in the desert is an MA-1 Flight Jacket. While the jacket may of not helped Hank out, at least he went down in style.

Outerwear wasn't the only clothing influenced by the military theme. 
In the final scenes between Walt and Walt Jr., Walt Jr. aka Flynn can even be seen wearing camo pants, in fact those camo pants he happens to be wearing are Rothco's Urban Tiger Stripe Camo BDU Pants. What better way to prove to your drug king pin father, that you are the man of the house by wearing camo pants! 

A lot has been said about about the the calculated outfits and color schemes 
the characters wear on the show, so the heavy influence of military clothing in Breaking Bad can't be a coincidence. What it all mean, who knows? If you have got any idea - sound off here... 

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By Kristy Dineen @ Rothco