Friday, August 16, 2013

Rothco Survival Tip: Use a Crayon as an Emergency Candle

Have you ever run out of candles in an emergency situation?  Grab a crayon!

A couple months ago I found a picture online of a crayon lite up as a candle.  Last week, we put it to the test!  This was a very easy thing to do, and only takes a couple of steps.  

First, I took the tip of the crayon and melted it down to the paper.  Make sure you have a plate underneath for the wax to drip onto.  Once the crayon melts down to the paper it lights up!  The paper acts as a wick.  Put the opposite end of the crayon into the wax to make it stand, and there you have it.  Easy enough right? Check out the video below of me putting this to the test!

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