Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inside Info on the New Rothco.com

It's time to get excited! This month Rothco will be launching a new website, full of great features for both dealers and fans of Rothco alike. The goal of the new site is to highlight Rothco's 4000 new items in a new interactive format. 

One of the biggest new features of the site is that you can now choose what market you would like to search in. From Police & Public Safety to Promotions, select the market that best fits you and watch as site customizes to your selection! Each market is represented by a large image in the center carousel; you can choose your market by clicking on that image. Once you have selected the market, the background of the site will change accordingly and your product search will be refined in the category side menu. This new feature will help you browse our extensive product collection with ease, save you time browsing the site and help you find products you never knew we carried.

The market refinement is just one of many new and exciting changes coming to Rothco.com, stay tuned over the coming weeks as we highlight more great features and eventually launch the new site. 

 Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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