Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rothco's New Website: Reviews & Comments

One of the many new features of Rothco's new site is the comment and review section. This new feature is a great opportunity for our dealers and fans to see what others are saying about the latest & greatest items from Rothco.

On each product page every visitor will have the opportunity to not only rate and review on the product they acquired but also comment socially to their followers. This information can be invaluable to dealers and fans of Rothco gear as you decided on what product to carry.There is no better insight, than the insights of your peers. And this new comment and review section will give you that insight.

The social commentary also provides any easy to post link to followers, why copy and paste a link into Facebook, when you can simply hit comment from our product page.

Look for the new Rothco.com coming in only a FEW days. And stay tuned for more featured blog posts about the new site and all its great features.

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Rothco @ ASD

This month Hans Blechschmidt and I attended the ASD Show in Las Vegas. The ASD is a 50+ year old consumer trade show, which Rothco has been attending since the 60’s. Each show we attend offers a unique opportunity to meet face to face with customers old and new and allow Rothco to showcase our brand new items from our 2014 Catalog (which will be mailed out in a few weeks), our top sellers, and our show specials.

This has been the 8th time for me attending the ASD show and Hans about his 20th time and we both agree that one of the greatest perks of attending these shows is putting a face to the customers we speak to on daily basis, like our friends Jack from Arkansas National Guard Store, Scott from Stroh’s Surplus, Leslie from Hahn’s Surplus, Renae from Kaufman’s West, Brady from Medals of America, Jonathan from J2S Tactical, and Arlene and Elliot from Broad Street Army & Navy. Just to name a few!

It’s always great to visit with our partners and they were excited to see some of the latest items from our 2014 Catalog along with our some of our top sellers. 

The most buzzed about items include: 

·        MilitaryCombat Shirts
·        Uniform and BDU Pants
·        JungleBoots
·        ZombieHunter T-Shirt and Camo T-Shirts
·        OperatorTactical Caps
·        WoodlandCamo Backpack
·        MediumTransport Packs
·        NylonParacord 550lb 100 Ft
·        50 & 30 Cal Plastic Ammo Cans
·        BaseJump Airsoft Helmet
·        Ultra-LiteCamo Netting

If you didn't get a chance to make it to the show then make sure to checkout our online Album full of pictures of the show and as always to find the latest product visit www.Rothco.com.

ToniMarie @ Rothco

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rothco's New Site: What Others Are Saying...

This month Rothco will be launching a new site and we have been previewing it with dealers. In recent days you might of noticed a note on the current Rothco.com encouraging visitors to check out the new site. Well...If you haven't done so, now is your chance to join everyone else in the preview of the site

Here is some feedback about the new site from some of the first Beta Testers...

"The keyword search results are more organized and easier to navigate" - Beta Tester

"Overall the site looks great, navigation is easy and dog tags are cool too. The gold logo looks great against that dark green background." - Beta Tester

"New site has shorter and more concise navigational bar, the old site had one that went on for what seemed like pages. " - Beta Tester 

"On the old site items were harder to find it seemed and this is better with that little added feature (Family/group)" - Beta Tester

"Keeps the site well organized and uncluttered" - Beta Tester

"I like it a lot all on one page! Excellent job"-  - Beta Tester

"110% nicer than the old site, I really like the new subdued look of the site" - Beta Tester

Well just don't take other peoples word for it; test the new & improved site out yourself at beta.rothco.com. As a dealer you can even place live orders, just like you would the old site! After you have a chance to review the site be sure to leave us some feedback, just click the red tab on the right hand side of your screen. We look forward to your feedback as well.

Look for the new Rothco.com by the end of August.


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Friday, August 16, 2013

Rothco Survival Tip: Use a Crayon as an Emergency Candle

Have you ever run out of candles in an emergency situation?  Grab a crayon!

A couple months ago I found a picture online of a crayon lite up as a candle.  Last week, we put it to the test!  This was a very easy thing to do, and only takes a couple of steps.  

First, I took the tip of the crayon and melted it down to the paper.  Make sure you have a plate underneath for the wax to drip onto.  Once the crayon melts down to the paper it lights up!  The paper acts as a wick.  Put the opposite end of the crayon into the wax to make it stand, and there you have it.  Easy enough right? Check out the video below of me putting this to the test!

For more survival tips and tricks be sure to "Like" Rothco Readiness & Survival on Facebook.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inside Info on the New Rothco.com

It's time to get excited! This month Rothco will be launching a new website, full of great features for both dealers and fans of Rothco alike. The goal of the new site is to highlight Rothco's 4000 new items in a new interactive format. 

One of the biggest new features of the site is that you can now choose what market you would like to search in. From Police & Public Safety to Promotions, select the market that best fits you and watch as site customizes to your selection! Each market is represented by a large image in the center carousel; you can choose your market by clicking on that image. Once you have selected the market, the background of the site will change accordingly and your product search will be refined in the category side menu. This new feature will help you browse our extensive product collection with ease, save you time browsing the site and help you find products you never knew we carried.

The market refinement is just one of many new and exciting changes coming to Rothco.com, stay tuned over the coming weeks as we highlight more great features and eventually launch the new site. 

 Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Rothco Gives to Its Employees So We Can Give to the Community

There are a number of perks to working for the biggest and hottest military brand in the U.S. Selling and marketing such a diverse and in-demand product line is a lot of fun and getting to help develop and use these is even more fun.

On a more serious note, Rothco is extremely supportive in regards to their employees involvement in benevolent programs and charities, such as a matching charitable donations to local charities in our Holiday Charity Program. Another wonderful program we have is our volunteer program where Rothco employees are encouraged to help out in the community and can use a work day to do so.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day helping a family in Mastic Beach, Long Island whose house was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. I was there along with some folks from the Evangelical Covenant Church in East Northport and other Covenanters from Minnnesota, Iowa and Texas who came as part of a mission project via Covenant Merge Ministries. It is a very grassroots effort as we found out about their need from another church in their area. It seems an unscrupulous contractor had sheetrocked over water-damaged walls and then left with the homeowner's money. Unfortunately, they didn't have additional funds to pay for further repairs so local volunteers have come in stages to help them out.

Rothco's support of its team members in these endeavors is just another example of our support for the people of Long Island community and I'm very glad to have been a part of that.

John Ottaviano
Director of Sales & Marketing

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Draw Your Weapons and Enter Rothco's T-Shirt Design Contest


 Less than 5 days left to get your design on! Rothco's first ever t-shirt design contest will end on August 10th, 2013, if you haven't submitted your design now is the time! 
Enter for your chance to win our greatest prize giveaway ever, including a trip to NYC and an invitation to join us for our 60th Anniversary Celebration.
Find out how to enter here

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

When it comes to the topic of emergency preparedness, what do you think of? Protection? Survival? Escape? All things, people and places that we hold dear to us can be at risk if a plan isn't in place. There are countless examples of this, from natural disasters like fires, floods and severe storms, to dangerous events like civil unrest, military takeovers, and terrorism. Many times people believe they are exempt of such happenings, and to an extent these may realistically be an unlikely occurrence.

For civilians, preparing for an emergency can take the form of casual, moderate, or extreme measures, but regardless, preparing for an emergency is important. The basics of food, water, shelter, health, safety and other amenities towards adapting to doomsday or disaster scenarios should always be considered. The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE) explores the dynamic of preparing on each of these levels.

The Expo focuses on satisfying these basic human needs, educating attendees on tactics and techniques for surviving, and offering a range of useful products to help during an emergency. GLEPE exhibitors will be showcasing select products for emergency preparedness, including camping gear, solar energy kits, outdoor supplies, radio equipment, alternative oils, educational resources, alternative energy options, and much more.

There will also be hand-selected speakers to offer in-depth, informative presentations on the concepts that will help in the event of an emergency or survival situation; such topics covered will be the value and implementation of radio communication, bushcraft and survival skills in an outdoor/wilderness environment, finding the best in quality outdoor products and tools (and how to use them), and preserving and growing food and nutrients naturally, among others.

Ultimately, the purpose of GLEPE is to offer businesses a chance to reach a growing customer base with the necessary products, information, and skills for becoming prepared and developing plans. From doomsday preppers and extreme survivalists to novices and beginners, GLEPE aims to explain and cater towards the basics, from building the ideal bug out bag to creating a contingency plan for your family or business.
There is still room for exhibitors at the Great Lake Emergency Preparedness Expo! If you are a small business, vendor, or independent expertise with products, information, and anything else that would connect to the hot topic of emergency and disaster preparedness, this Expo is for you.

Visit GreatLakesPreppers.com for more information about the Expo and how to become an exhibitor, and don't forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter as well. We would like to extend a big thanks to Rothco for providing us the opportunity to contribute to the blog. Stay tuned for more information about survival and emergency preparedness!

Kiernan Manion @ David Castlegrant and Associates

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