Wednesday, May 29, 2013

East Coast Swarmageddon

Right now the east coast of the United States is under attack from creatures emerging from the ground like some primordial ooze. And while it sounds like a plot to the latest summer blockbuster, it is actually just another one of mother nature's many "gifts" that we get to unwrap every 17 years. 

Known as the East Coast II brood, these cicadas emerge in the spring time and can even stay around till July! They are currently taking up residence up and down the East Coast, from the Carolinian's to New Jersey and New York. In fact the image to the left is an actual live map of their sightings.

These "creatures" for the most part are harmless, unless you count the sound assault they will commit to your ears. There is however some things you can do during the invasion to deal with the problem. An article posted in our Facebook dealer forum (Rothco dealers - if you are not a member find out how to join here) was posted and it discussed how you should stock up on netting (it's not just for mosquitoes) & ear plugs to deal with the


So East Coast are these bugs bugging you yet? Are you prepping for their invasion? 

By Kristy Dineen @ Rothco 
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