Friday, April 19, 2013

Take a Look Inside Rothco's Adventurer Survival Knife

Rothco's Adventurer Survival Knife  is packed with all the survival essentials you'll need to make the most of your surroundings.  Throw it in your Bug-Out Bag and take it along for any adventure you have planned in the near future.

The Stainless steel blade is 5 1/4 inches with a serrated edge that increases the length of your cutting surface area.  At the end of the handle there is a screw off top with a compass for navigation.  Inside the handle you'll find a plastic tube with Morse code on the outside.  On the inside of the tube is a great variety of survival necessities including a mini fishing kit (hooks, sinkers, and fish line),  flint, 2 band aids, pencil, 2 safety pins, and a surgical blade.

The hard plastic sheath is another big component of the survival knife and has 2 major features.  The first one is a wire cutter.  To create the wire cutter, the blade gets fitted into the top portion of the sheath and will look similar to a pair of scissors.  On the other side is a sharpening stone for your knife and tools.  Inside the sheath is another little pack of some great survival essentials.  It comes with a signal mirror, spear, whistle, wire saw, and handles for the wire saw.

Rothco's Adventurer Survival Knife is a must have for every outdoorsmen, prepper, and survivalist. 

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