Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rothco Goes to AHRC Suffolk's 2nd Annual Polar Bear Splash

This past weekend, Rothco was one of the proud sponsors for AHRC’s 2nd Annual Polar Bear Splash at the Bay Shore Marina in New York.   This event was held to raise money and awareness to AHRC Suffolk, a non-profit organization which provides programs and services to children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities on Long Island.  The aim of AHRC's work is to offer individuals day-to-day living that is as "rich, absorbing, and rewarding as possible."  Volunteers from all over Long Island came out to show their support by running into the cold ocean!  Jeff Py, Director of Operations and I were the volunteers for Rothco and let me tell you, the water was colder than you can imagine.  As everyone lined up on the beach the wind started to pick up, which made it feel 20 degrees colder.  The DJ gave the count down from 10 and everyone ran into the freezing cold water.  After diving into the water, we ran back out to get warm as fast as we could.  Jeff's grandchildren were there to support us and told us we were "the first ones in and first ones out!"  Overall, it was a great experience for a great cause and we look forward to participating again next year.  If you would like to make a donation to AHRC Suffolk, just visit their website at  Every dollar is a step in the right direction!  Here are a few of the pictures taken at the event.
Before the Splash
Bay Shore Marina
Going over the gameplan


Jeff making his trek back to land
The Marina was PACKED with volunteers

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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