Thursday, February 07, 2013

Be Rothco Ready for the 2013 Blizzard

As the East Coast prepares for yet another recording breaking storm, it's important to make sure you have the right gear and are prepared for what the weather may bring. In conjunction with the Red Cross's winter safety checklist, Rothco has put together a customized winter storm checklist, full of great gear from Rothco.
1. Water: Despite there being 3 feet of frozen water surrounding you, it's important you have some in a liquid form
2. Food: Easy to store and cook; MRE'S are the perfect solution to ensure you always have food available during an emergency and it beats fighting someone in the grocery store over that last loaf of bread!

3. Flashlights & Lanterns: After Hurricane Sandy a lot of us in the storm's path realized how fragile our electrical infrastructure was and the importance of having some Solar and Kerosene powered lights around the house.

4. Battery Powered/ Hand Crank Radio: These tools are just not for belting out sweet top 40 tunes, Radio's like our Solar Flash Light Radio provide up to date news information from local radio stations.

5. Tools:  What's an emergency kit without a Multi-Tool
6. Cell Phone Charger: Because when the power goes out, a good Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger can be a life saver. Now just keep your fingers crossed you get good service!

7. Warm Outerwear: Seems like one of the most obvious thing on the list but it is still extremely important to bundle up when you are out there shoveling your driveways & walkways. My suggestion is a great Parka like our N-3B Snorkel Parka.

8. Cold Weather Gear: Don't forget about the head, hands and toes! It only takes a few moments in extreme temperatures to get frostbite.  Stay warm with Gloves, Hats, and a good pair of boots

9. Blankets: In my personal opinion its something you can never have too many of. Plus if you have extra you can always use them to block drafts coming in through your doors and windows.

And my personal item, a snowboard because if it is going to snow might as well make the most of it and head to the slopes!

To everyone in Nemo's path, stay safe & warm. 

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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