Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Items to Fight the Freeze's cold out there!

But I probably don't have to tell you that. As the Arctic air sweeps across most of the US  and slams right into my face, I am reminded me of all the great cold weather gear Rothco's got. 

Nothing like sub-zero temps to getting you running to find your HYVAT Parka or maybe even your  N-3B Snorkel Parka. That's why I've highlighted some essential gear guaranteed to keep you warm from head to toe.

 Five Items to Fight the Freeze
 1. Lets start at the feet, no one should be walking out the door without some Cold Weather Thermal Boot Socks

2. Because you cant just stop at the socks Rothco's Cold Weather Hiking Boots are perfect for this weather. They are lined with ThermoBlock insulation and are a 100% waterproof which makes them great for the snowy cold weather like this.

3. A nice pair of Thermal Underwear is always a safe bet when dealing with extreme temps

4. From Parkas to Soft Shells a good jacket is a MUST! 

5. And since 90% of all body heat gets released from your head make sure its completely covered with a great Balaclava

Remember it doesn't take too long in weather like this to get frostbite, so cover up and stay warm!

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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