Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rothco's Trip to ANME & SHOT


This past month Rothco collected its camo and gathered up some gear to head west for the ANME & SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Each show offers a unique opportunity to meet face to face with customers old and new and allow Rothco to showcase our tactical and military product. 

From new items from our 2013 spring supplement like our A-TAC's AU T-Shirt, M.O.L.L.E Pouches, and Canvas Bags. Too staples of Rothco like our Special Ops Tactical Jacket and B.D.U's

At the SHOT Show we even got the chance to unveil a custom booth built by our very own sales managers! This booth allowed us to showcase even more product than before. With over 4000 products not everything can make to the shows but we sure do try! 

If you didn't get a chance to make it to the shows then make sure to checkout our online Album full of pictures of the trade shows and as always to find the latest product visit

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Items to Fight the Freeze's cold out there!

But I probably don't have to tell you that. As the Arctic air sweeps across most of the US  and slams right into my face, I am reminded me of all the great cold weather gear Rothco's got. 

Nothing like sub-zero temps to getting you running to find your HYVAT Parka or maybe even your  N-3B Snorkel Parka. That's why I've highlighted some essential gear guaranteed to keep you warm from head to toe.

 Five Items to Fight the Freeze
 1. Lets start at the feet, no one should be walking out the door without some Cold Weather Thermal Boot Socks

2. Because you cant just stop at the socks Rothco's Cold Weather Hiking Boots are perfect for this weather. They are lined with ThermoBlock insulation and are a 100% waterproof which makes them great for the snowy cold weather like this.

3. A nice pair of Thermal Underwear is always a safe bet when dealing with extreme temps

4. From Parkas to Soft Shells a good jacket is a MUST! 

5. And since 90% of all body heat gets released from your head make sure its completely covered with a great Balaclava

Remember it doesn't take too long in weather like this to get frostbite, so cover up and stay warm!

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

It's Show Time...Rothco Upcoming Trade Shows

Rothco is kicking off 2013 by hitting the road and heading to several key industry trades shows. From as far east as Japan to as far west as California, Rothco is crossing globe to see you! 
2013 has barely started but Rothco has already one show under wraps, The Agenda Show, with 9 more shows in the next 3 months to go! 

Shows that Rothco will be attending include, the SHOT & ANME Show in Vegas this January, Bread & Butter in Germany, MAGIC this February in Vegas, The Tokyo International Gift Show and a whole bunch more! You can view our entire calendar of events by visiting and clicking on our News & Events Tab.

At the shows this year Rothco will be unveiling never before seen product, like our collection of M.O.L.L.E Compatible Pouches and new patterns of Camo for our popular Paratrooper Fatigues and Infantry Shorts

You will also get the chance to meet with our expert sales staff and if you are heading to the SHOT SHOW you will have the opportunity to see our brand new trade show booth, which was built custom just for this event. We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it to the shows this year and if we don't see you in 2013, there is always 2014!  

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Rothco's Top 20 of Twenty Twelve

In 2012 Rothco introduced hundreds of new items from our Vintage Flat Front Cargo Pants and Soft Shell M-65 Jacket to our essential survival gear, 2012 was full of great items. Checkout below as we highlight the top twenty of twenty twelve.

 Changing up the classic camo pant with a new twist....
Rothco's Vintage Flat Front Cargo Pants 
Rothco's New Color in BDU Pants...Did somebody say Coyote! 
Combat Tested & Field Ready...Rothco's Tactical Duty Pants

Brace whatever weather mother nature throws at you with our 2 new jackets...Rothco's Soft Shell Tactical M-65 Jacket and Rothco's Nylon M-65 Storm Jacket

Our latest color in our Combat Shirts...Desert Sand
 Rothco's M.O.L.L.E Modular Vests
Rothco's Tactical Cross Draw Vest in....Coyote! 
Rothco's Steel Toe Jungle Boots

Flying High With Our Leather Pilots Helmet

 Yummm...Survival Food
 Nothing was a big as Paracord this year including our 
New Polyester Paracord & Paracord Bracelets!

Oh and let's not forget about the great paracord accessories
 including our "D" Ring Shackles...

In 2012 everyone wanted a Shemagh whether it was patterned like our...
Cross Rifles

Or Solid Colors 
Safety first...With Rothco's Safety Green Gloves 
Its Magic...Well Badge Magic
The perfect survival kit...that can fit in the palm of your hands! 

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