Monday, December 30, 2013

Combat The Cold Weather With Rothco

It's that time of year again, when old man winter knocks on our doors (well at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere). This winter season, whether you are fighting through sub-zero temps or feet of snow, I've got the perfect defense... Cold Weather Gear from Rothco. Below is a list of 5 Rothco items guaranteed to keep you warm during the winter months. 

1. From Parkas to Soft Shells a good jacket is a MUST! My number one choice this season is our Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket. The 3 layer construction - deflects wind, wicks away moisture and retains body heat, which makes it perfect for the cold weather. 

2.  It may not be as cool as our spec ops jacket but a nice pair of Thermal Underwear is always going to keep you warm. 

3. No one should be walking out the door without some Cold Weather Thermal Boot Socks

4. Gloves, gloves, gloves, keep those digits at 10 with a pair of these

5. And since 90% of all body heat gets released from your head make sure its completely covered with a great Balaclava

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis The Season for Giving

Rothco Holiday Charity Program

Here at Rothco we realize how fortunate we are and throughout the year we make sure to give back to those who are not as fortunate. Every year during the holiday season, the team at Rothco band together to raise money and collect holiday gifts for several local charities and this year we set out to make it our yet

I am extremely proud and honored to say that we did it! As a group we had over 130 employees
donate towards the cause and with the help of Rothco corporate matching the employee donations, we donated over $117,000, exceeding our goal of $25,000! A 100% of all the money raised will be split evenly to the following charities. It is amazing to see what can be accomplished we people get together for a good cause. 
In addition to raising money for the 9 charities listed above, Rothco also donated over 50 gifts to different families living in domestic violence shelters. The gifts included toys, games and clothes, everything the kids wished for on their lists. 

Rothco's holiday charity program is just one of many charity programs we run throughout the year. For more information on the different programs we participate in, checkout some of our past blogs and visit
Santa's Helpers Hard At Work!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Army Navy Game: It's All About The Tradition

On Saturday, the Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Knights took the field for their 114th Annual football game.  The history between these two teams’ dates back to the late 1800’s and is even considered the one of the greatest rivalries in sports.  Servicemen and women from all branches came out for the game.  You could see nothing but military uniforms and pea coats filling out the stands.

The rivalry between Army and Navy is friendly but intense at the same time.  Dating back to 1953, the first reported kidnapping of “Bill the Goat” was announced.  A group of the West Point Cadets snuck onto Annapolis campus and stole the Navy midshipmen’s goat (Navy’s mascot.)  This was just the spark to some of the pranks they have pulled on each other throughout the years.  To this day the rivalry stays strong through social media and spirit videos.

Army was coming off a heartbreaking loss from last year where the Midshipmen made a huge comeback for their 11th straight win. They looked to break the streak this year in a snow storm that hit the northeast.  Before, during, and after the game the whole stadium, in and off the field, showed a great amount of spirit and pride.  A marriage proposal even took place on the field before the game with Army’s offensive lineman Carter Joy. A big difference between this game and any other college football game is that these guys play for the love of the game. Football is rarely in the future of these players yet they go out there every week and give it their all.
Navy started the game off strong putting up the first 17 points on the board. There was no looking back after that as Navy beat Army 34 – 7 winning their 12th straight game against Army. When asked about the streak, Coach Ken Niumatalolo said, “It’s hard to beat anybody 12 times in a row.  But to beat your rivals, I’m very proud of them.”

That respect is on full display throughout the game and especially at the end of the game when the losing team will sing its Alma mater in front of its respective student body with the winning team standing amongst them. The two teams then move over to the winning team’s side of the field where they sing their Alma mater in front of their student body.  The game is truly a sight to see and I truly believe it's the greatest rivalry in college football history.

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Five Facts About Camouflage

  1. Camouflage is actually derived from the French word camoufler, meaning “to blind or veil”
  2. Abbott Thayer is basically the godfather of all things camo - Abbot was a artist and zoologist and he published a book in 1909, titled Concealing Coloration in the Animal Kingdom: A Exposition of the Laws of Disguise Through Color and Pattern
  3. In the early 1900’s U.S had set up departments solely for the study and development of camo.  These new camouflage departments consisted of artists, designers and even architectures all working together
  4. 1917 the word camouflage was added to the English language
  5.  Rothco offers over 25+ Camouflage Patterns

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Rothco Did Start the Fire.

Having a good source of light and being able to start a fire is one of the most important survival tools a person can have. Did you know a candle can burn like a candle? Or that a bag of chips works as great kindling? Over the past couple of months we've search the internet and put some of the more interesting facts to the test, see the results below. 

Who knew that you could find essential survival tools in an average kindergarten classroom?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Practical Survival Tips From The Walking Dead

If you’re anything like me, then you’re a fan of zombies; AMC’s The Walking Dead is my personal favorite when it comes to zombie apocalypses. While The Walking Dead, and shows like it, are strictly fictional some of the characters actions do hold merit for applying to a real world disaster. So here are three things I've picked up from this season of The Walking Dead.

First and foremost when disaster strikes, whether it’s a hurricane, tsunami, blackout, or zombie apocalypse, there is strength in numbers so find some pals who will have your back when SHTF. “People are the best defense against walkers, or people” said Rick Grimes to a wanderer shortly before she tried to kill him. The unfortunate truth is that some people’s behavior will not improve when SHTF, but you may be able to deter looters, thieves, and bullies by surrounding yourself with others.

Secondly, make sure you have access to some medical supplies. Rick and company finally found a defensible position to hold-up in, had plenty of people to keep the place running, and what happens? Someone gets sick, turns into a zombie, and starts attacking people in their sleep. Similarly, in a disaster, you never know how long you’ll be isolated before help arrives; it’s a good idea to have some kind of water purification system or treatment kit around and a stock of medical supplies. In fact, make sure you’re well stocked on more than just medical supplies; solar chargers, blankets, fire starter, change of clothes, the whole nine yards. You've survived the initial disaster but you aren't out of the woods yet.

Lastly, when SHTF make sure you don’t lose your cool. It’s like Michonne said: “Anger makes you stupid; Stupid gets you killed.” When the world is falling apart around you it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos; anger, sadness, and shock are all natural feelings when something interrupts your way of life, but check those feelings at the door because having a clear head could be the difference between life and death. So remember, find a group, make sure you’re well supplied, and keep your cool until help arrives.

by Matthew J Leone @ Rothco

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thumbs Up!

Now this is something to like...

As a fan of Rothco you can now join our website via the log in tab.  This new feature which was launched with the launch of our new site now allows non dealers to view Rothco's product in a whole new way! 

By logging in with your Facebook account, you will now become a Rothco Specialist. As a specialist via your FB log in you will be privy to these cool features. 

  • Specialized product recommendations from our expert staff based on your current Facebook likes
  • The ability to create wish lists for our 4000+ products. That you can print out and bring to your local Rothco Dealer
  • Post reviews, upload photos of you wearing Rothco gear
  • Get insider information via our exclusive product highlight emails

P.S. If you are on Facebook then be sure to also like us too! 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

UFC Fight For The Troops 3

Last night, the UFC held its 3rd “Fight For the Troops” event in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.   This was one of the most memorable events the UFC has held in years.  The whole week leading up to it was all about the military.  Some of the most famous UFC fighters went down to visit the troops, to take pictures, sign autographs, and have some fun.  Chuck Lidell, UFC Hall of Famer, even gave a spinning back kick to the gut of one of the soldiers in attendance.  He took it like a champ; you can watch the video here

The whole feel and emotion of the night was what really made it special.  They packed out the venue with soldiers who were extremely excited to be there.  Everyone was decked out in camo, from the soldiers, to the ring girls, and even some of the fighters had on camo MMA fighting shorts that looked similar to ours.  In between fights, they told stories about wounded soldiers.  The stories truly reminded us all how grateful we should be to the veterans and active duty soldiers.  The event went towards a great cause too; money was being raised the whole night and donations were given to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Even though there were no big name fighters on the card, four military veterans competed, one of them being Tim Kennedy who fought in the main event.   Tim Kennedy, former Army Ranger and sharpshooter, got a huge ovation from his fellow brothers coming out to the ring.  I’ve been a fight fan for a long time now, and this was easily the most special fight I’ve ever witnessed.  Everything from the night all lead up to this moment.  His opportunity to fight in front of the men and women he served for 10 years of duty.

The bell rang and the fight started.  A minute into the first round all the soldiers in the crowd started to chant “RANGER UP! RANGER UP!” Tim was losing in the beginning of the round, but with 20 seconds left, he threw a flying left hook, which floored Rafael Natal.  The soldiers went crazy and the “USA! USA!” chants lasted for a couple of minutes.  After the fight, a very humble Tim Kennedy had this to say to the troops,

“I’m 100% overwhelmed.  Your guys’ jobs are infinitely harder than anything I could ever do here.  I don’t deserve to be here.  I love you guys so much. You guys are my heroes. You guys are my idols.  I’m a Christian I give the glory to God, but I worship you guys.  I love every one of you. “
All in all it was a feel good kind of night for America.  Patriotism was on display and money was raised for a good cause.  The fights were great, and the soldiers had a blast.  Look for UFC Fight For the Troops next year around the same time!

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco
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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Announcing Rothco's Latest Contest

Nothing is more important to Rothco than supporting our dealers, which is why we want to know why you “Trust in Rothco”. Tell us in a paragraph or less how Rothco products and service help your business succeed and you could win an all expense paid trip for two to NYC and to be our guest as we honor our 60th Year of business. 

This year marks a special year in Rothco’s history, not only are we celebrating our 60th year of business but we are also expanding our current warehouse another 60,000 Sq Ft to over 200,000 Sq Ft. in total! To honor this special occasion we are holding this exciting contest as a way to thank our valued dealers. 

Rothco can’t wait to hear from you! To submit your testimonial of why you “Trust in Rothco” click here or email us at  

Rules and Regulations: 

  • Contest runs from 11/1/2013 - 1/31/2014
  • All submissions to Rothco may be uses in future marketing collateral
  • All submissions will be reviewed by employees of Rothco and dealers must be in good standing with all of Rothco credit and pricing policies (examples MAP, Collections, etc.) 
  • Trip to New York City & Rothco headquarters will be arranged for the week of May 17th, 2014

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Friday, November 01, 2013

New Site Spotlight: Bottoms Up!

A little over 2 months ago Rothco launched its new website, the new site is full of amazing features. One of the new features you may have to scroll down to see but it is totally worth the trip! Scroll on down to find tons a great product in our feature boxes. 

On the home page, the new feature boxes allow you to see items by category, the categories include the "New Arrivals, "Featured Product", "Best Sellers" & "You May Also Like" When you visit a product page of the site the featured boxes are also at the bottom of the page but they are a little different. Each of the boxes is designed to help you find more product like the one you are currently searching for. Find "Similar Items", "Additional Parts", "Frequently Used With", & "You May Also Like". 

All of these boxes are designed to help you see all the great product Rothco has to offer, with over 4000 items and new ones coming in each and every day we know it's hard to keep up with it, so we have created these way to keep you informed. 

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Does It Mean To Be Prepared?

Exactly one year ago today the east coast along with Rothco braced for Hurricane Sandy to hit. While the Hurricane itself only lasted a couple of hours, the effects of its devastation were felt for weeks even months and some people are still dealing with the aftermath a year later. 

Last year's "super storm" taught as all a valuable lesson in what being prepared actually meant; a flashlight and a gallon of water isn't going to cut it. Extensive flooding, gas shortages and weeks without power became a burden many of us had to deal with. Even Rothco felt the effects, having to close our doors (which is something we NEVER do) because of power outages. However, it didn't take us long to realize we needed to be better prepared for situations like this. 

That is why Rothco took being prepared to the next level by investing in a generator. This new generator will allow Rothco to serve our dealers better - ensuring we always have power to get your orders out in time and now super storm will stop us!

While massive generators are not the norm...How do you prepare for natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy?

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Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Outerwear Options You Need To Know About From Rothco

From Soft Shell to M-65 Jackets here is a rundown of some essential outerwear from Rothco. From classic military jackets like our M-65 to our updated tactical jackets like our Lightweight Soft Shell, Rothco has it all

 Rothco's Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jackets
 Rothco's Soft Shell Tactical M-65 Jacket
Rothco's Covert Spec Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco's Covert Spec Ops Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

 Rothco's Vintage M-65 Field Jacket
 Rothco's M-65 Field Jacket

 Rothco's M-51 Fishtail Parkas

 Rothco's M-51 Flight Jackets

Rothco's All Weather 3-1 Jacket
Rothco's 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rothco's 2014 Catalog is Here!

Rothco's 2014 Catalog and New Product Collection are here and will be arriving in dealer's mailboxes this week, so be on the lookout. This year's catalog is 308 pages long and contains over 4000 items including 350 BRAND NEW items. This is our biggest catalog to date and features more new product than ever before. 

Some of the new items featured in our 2014 Catalog include:

  • 7 New Styles & Colors of Military & Tactical Jackets
  • 3 New Tactical Vests & 9 Tactical Holsters
  • 11 New Tee's Including 6 New Vintage Military T-Shirts
  • 11 Operator & Low Profile Caps & 8 New Boonie Hats
  • 18 New Morale Patches
  • 16 New Canvas Shoulder Bags & Travel Gear Bags
  • Our New Base Jump Helmets in Black & Coyote 
  • Our Exclusive Military MMA Fight Shorts
  • 22 New Paracord & Paracord Accessories Items
  • Over 20 Knives & Survival Tools

Find all the new items in our Fall 2013 New Product Collection. You can also view all new & existing products at, here you can also find digital versions of all Rothco catalogs including our Boot, Vintage, Tactical Collection and more.  

Rothco's Warehouse Unpacking the Catalogs & Sending Them Out

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rothco is the One-Stop Shop for Halloween Costumes for Men’s Women’s, Kid’s and Infants

US Soldier
Swamp Creature

If you're looking for the latest and authentic 2013 Halloween costumes, look no further than Rothco. We offer affordable Halloween costumes that are unique and impressive.

Rothco has developed some creative and cost effective costumes for men, women, children and infants. The theme for this is authenticity, dress to impress this year as soldiers, military pilots, and police officers and more!

Below is a list of costumes ideas for 2013:
Navy Seal

For the Men: Army Solider, Navy Seal, Zombie Hunter, Prisoner, Military Pilot, SWATOfficer, Police Officer and Swamp Creature just to name a few ideas
Lady Crypt Raider

Women's Police Costume
We all know Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. It’s a chance for kids to run around town hopped up on sugar and for adults a chance to play dress up for a night. With Halloween approaching soon, you will need to get yourself an exclusive Rothco Halloween costume.
Camo Soldier

 Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween - Treat or Treat!

Infant Police Costume
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