Friday, August 24, 2012

What Makes an Item "Tactical"?

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What does it mean for an item to be truly tactical?  After reading up in a few forums, I realized that not many people truly understand what makes a product tactical.

The word “tactical” informs us that someone has added a combative twist to an everyday item like pants, flashlights, jackets, or even pens! These rugged or intensified items can provide us with a means of defense for ourselves and our loved ones.  So having tactical versions of different kinds of gear is a GREAT thing!

Item #475 UZI Tactical Pen w/ Glass Breaker
Let’s take the tactical pen for example.  Ordinary pens are used for writing, but a tactical pen not only can write, but with a surprisingly sharp point it can break through glass, provide you with light, serve as defense against an attacker, safe your life or even write a letter to your friend!  Next time you’re at your local Army Navy Store, check them out!  You might find one that catches your eye and becomes the thing that saves you in an unexpected survival scenario.

As far as vests are concerned,  I think the picture below speaks for itself.  Different tactical vests serve different purposes.  Compared to an ordinary vest which is usually made of silk, most tactical vests are equipped with holsters, magazine pouches, and made of ballistic nylon material.  These tactical vests are used mostly by the military, law enforcement, airsoft players and NOT by someone attending a wedding.

So there you have it.  The functionality of tactical products completely enhance the functionality of everyday clothing and gear.  If you haven't tried out any tactical products, I strongly suggest you do!  Also don't forget to check out Rothco's Tactical Gear Catalog!

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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