Friday, July 06, 2012

Be Ready With Rothco - Nick Woodhead

Hey Everyone, I am Nick Woodhead, the new in-house Web Developer here at Rothco and this is my first blog entry to introduce myself and some of the exciting things that I will be doing here over the next few months.

So the title of my post comes from the whole survival trend that really seems to be the big buzzword around here at the moment. Its kind of ironic actually as “survival” is something that most businesses have had to come real terms with over the last few years in this economy and yet it has become even more evidently clear every day since I started working here 2 months ago that Rothco is not just surviving in this economy but excelling forward greater than ever!

Rothco is entirely focused on its dealers. By helping our dealers to succeed we all benefit greatly. This is why we have undertaken the enormous project to rebuild Rothco’s website that will include apps, enhanced search functionality, and even more product information that will be able to be used by our dealers to increase their sales. Here's just one simple example of a mug app I developed for Item#649 that dealers can plug straight into their websites to provide more engaging experiences to their users. We have already made a big improvement to our existing homepage temporarily until the new website is finished!

As well as the development of the new website, one of my first projects here has been the Rothco Bug Out Bag App on Facebook that allows users to interactively build their own bug out bags and purchase the items directly from our dealers sites. Our bug out bag flyer was a huge success and we are sure our Facebook app will follow. I have also created a prototype for our new interactive online catalog that will soon be expanded to enable dealers to link products directly from the Rothco catalog to the products for sale on their websites building an even stronger unity with our dealers.

As Rothco enters its 60th year of business in 2013 I will be doing my best to help Rothco and our dealers excel even further in the online market. Keep checking back for updates on the development of the new website and new apps due to be launched in early 2013.

By Nick Woodhead @ Rothco

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