Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rothco's Tactical Gear Video

 Here is a quick review of Rothco's Tactical Gear Collection.  The collection includes everything Tactical from BDU's to Combat Shirts, and Vests to Boots.  Also be sure to check out the whole catalog on!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Make a Swedish Fire Torch

Since there was a ton of interaction on my Facebook post about the Swedish Fire Torch on our Military and Camping Page, I figured I should go into a little more detail about it.  If you’re cooking out in the wilderness and you don’t have a propane stove, then you’re probably left with just wood and a pot.  As I’m sure you all know cooking over a campfire is not an easy task.  Holding the pot over the fire with your bare hands is not a possibility (unless your name is Daenerys Targaryen and have dragon blood running through your veins), and you may not have the proper trees around you to make a pot hanger.

The Swedish Fire Torch is a simple outdoor cooking method that will not only provide you the heat you need to cook a meal, but it also provides you with a stove top that you’ll be able to place your pot on.  All you will need for this is a log, chainsaw, and some newspaper.  The log should be a decent size with a high of around 24 inches.  With your chainsaw cut the log about 2/3 the way down into quarters or eighths.  I recommend cutting in eighths allowing for greater air flow and more burning area.  Next, stuff the log with newspaper leaving a wick at the end and light it up!  If you have trouble getting it started with just the newspaper throw in some tinder.  It doesn’t take too long to get the fire started.  Once you see a flame shooting out of the top of the log place your pot on top of the log and start cooking.

Depending on the type of wood your log is, it should last around an hour.  The cool thing about this is once your done cooking you can kick it over and have a traditional camp fire.  Also, for those of you who don’t have access to a chainsaw while in the outdoors, I posted a video that shows how to do it simply with an axe

Here at Rothco, we want to see you guys make your own Swedish Fire Torch!  Take some pictures and post them on Rothco Military Camping Gear’s Facebook page!  Happy Camping Everyone!

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rothco's Caption Contest

Every week Rothco launches a caption contest via our Facebook Page, allowing our fans to put their spin on some very interesting photos.  Below you will find some of our very best photos. Check them out and see what they said....Think you can do better then be sure to checkout our fan page every Friday to see what everyone is talking about.

By Kristy Dineen @ Rothco 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rothco Dealer Profile: The Command Post of Houston

A Very Blue View from Outside the Store
The Command Post

The Command Post was established in 1984 out of a growing need for the owners to quit working for others and run their own business. And what a better business to run then their very own Army Surplus Store!

The Command Post has been around for nearly 30 years, so we wanted to find out a bit more about the store and how it has managed to be so successful over the years. When asked what the biggest obstacle is facing them, the Command Post stated it was finding reliable, motivated hard-working individuals. It has taken them years to build up a strong workforce but by offering higher wages and full benefits and bonuses, they have been able to establish a strong workforce. The Command Post believes it is their knowledgeable workforce that contributes to the growing success of the store.

In addition to a knowledgeable staff the Command Post attributes their valued suppliers and the large size of their store to their success...just checkout the panoramic picture the provided to see what they mean! Along with their traditional product lines, the Command Post is committed to continued sourcing and sale of genuine U.S.G.I products.
I think you could get lost in this store... Over 14,000 sq feet packed to the ceiling!

Now That' A Lot Of Camo!
Known as the last true military surplus dealer left in Houston, the Command Post relies on their local regulars, some of who have been coming to the store for over 25 years. They developed this loyal patronage by being knowledgeable and having friendly customer service that is willing to go the extra mile for their customer. Unlike a lot of Army Navy stores, the Command Post does not have the benefit of being near any major military installations. However their customer base consists of Military veterans, active service members and their family and friends. Local and regional law enforcements, people who enjoy the outdoors, members of airsoft and paintball teams, Civil Air Patrol, JROTC, and even church groups and T.V/ Movie production companies as well as "Doomsday Preppers"

Looks Like They are Building a Fort of Ammo Cans!
 The Command Post says what makes their store unique is a good section of products. They have a lot of genuine military items dating back to WWII on display including practice bombs, field desks, belted ammo blanks, pilots' helmets and dummy mortars. From the Vietnam War they have non-authorized U.S Strike Force flags and handmade Viet Cong flag captured by the 5th Special Forces Group.

"There is not a day that goes by that someone does not walk through the door and go WOW"

If you are ever in the Houston area check them out or y ou can find the Command Post online at or on Facebook at Army Surplus World. 

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Be Ready With Rothco - Nick Woodhead

Hey Everyone, I am Nick Woodhead, the new in-house Web Developer here at Rothco and this is my first blog entry to introduce myself and some of the exciting things that I will be doing here over the next few months.

So the title of my post comes from the whole survival trend that really seems to be the big buzzword around here at the moment. Its kind of ironic actually as “survival” is something that most businesses have had to come real terms with over the last few years in this economy and yet it has become even more evidently clear every day since I started working here 2 months ago that Rothco is not just surviving in this economy but excelling forward greater than ever!

Rothco is entirely focused on its dealers. By helping our dealers to succeed we all benefit greatly. This is why we have undertaken the enormous project to rebuild Rothco’s website that will include apps, enhanced search functionality, and even more product information that will be able to be used by our dealers to increase their sales. Here's just one simple example of a mug app I developed for Item#649 that dealers can plug straight into their websites to provide more engaging experiences to their users. We have already made a big improvement to our existing homepage temporarily until the new website is finished!

As well as the development of the new website, one of my first projects here has been the Rothco Bug Out Bag App on Facebook that allows users to interactively build their own bug out bags and purchase the items directly from our dealers sites. Our bug out bag flyer was a huge success and we are sure our Facebook app will follow. I have also created a prototype for our new interactive online catalog that will soon be expanded to enable dealers to link products directly from the Rothco catalog to the products for sale on their websites building an even stronger unity with our dealers.

As Rothco enters its 60th year of business in 2013 I will be doing my best to help Rothco and our dealers excel even further in the online market. Keep checking back for updates on the development of the new website and new apps due to be launched in early 2013.

By Nick Woodhead @ Rothco

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

How America's Pastime is Honoring America's Military

San Diego Padres in Camo Uniforms

Baseball is known as America's Pastime, so it comes as no surprise to see the MLB honor the military during the 4th of JulyAs part of a long standing tradition, Baseball has been honoring the military in many different ways. 

One of the ways they have been doing this is by incorporating patriotic themes into their uniforms, like the San Diego Padres Camo Uniforms and the MLB's Stars & Stripes Cap Collection.  For the fifth year in a row the MLB will be helping raise money and awareness to the Welcome Back Veterans Program, a program that helps returning veterans and their families suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What makes this year more interesting is that instead of using the usual Red, White and Blue Colors, this year they have incorporated Digital Camouflage logos on the front of  Caps. The Stars & Stripes Cap collections from New Era have been worn by Major League Baseball teams during Memorial Day and again will be worn on Independence Day Weekend.   
Did you know that George Steinbrenner was actually born on the 4th of July

I think it is really nice to see sports get behind such causes like this, no matter what people say about the overall look of them. The fact remains Camo is Cool and even cooler when it is used to support a great cause like this one. So what are your thoughts on the hats?

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By: Kristy Dineen @ Rothco