Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rothco Dealer Profile on US Patriot

Location in Fort Stewart - Hinesville, GA
 U.S Patriot Store Profile

US Patriot was founded in 2000 in a very small location outside of Ft. Jackson, SC.  The start of US Patriot grew from the owners frustration of not being able to find the items he needed for his uniform and a knowledgeable sales staff to assist him. It was this basic idea that started the business we know as US Patriot and now has led to 5 locations throughout the country, including, Ft. Jackson SC, FT Stewart GA, FT Houston TX, FT Sill OK, Kings Mountain NC and an online store. US Patriot is a veteran owned and managed organization and that's what makes them different. 
Get a clean shave & shop at the same time!

"We've walked in our customers shoes and know what it is like to be, to get deployed, to miserable in the heat of the desert or in the cold rain. And most of all, we care about our customers. We go above and beyond for them because our customers are special and deserve better treatment" 
And they have done this by offering unique features to their store including a Barbershop, Sewing Services and Dry Cleaning, going well beyond the basic idea of customer service. 
"My directive to our customer service department is "How would your conversation be with that customer on the other line, if you knew he would not return from war?" We have a 365 day return policy, heck, we take returns and perform exchanges from customer who didn't even buy from us" Says Paul Yoo, President of US Patriot

When asked about some of the challenges facing US Patriot today, Paul stated. "The biggest challenge we face in our local market is the increasingly shrinking law enforcement budgets. Our police and first responder departments are facing an unprecedented decrease in the ability to procure much need items to get their jobs done. This impacts US Patriot as we have had tremendous success in developing relationships with local, state and federal agencies."  The majority of their customer base is service members of the military and law enforcement agents. Catering to a niche market. "Locally our brand is not strong with the general public. With our customers though, our brand is exceptionally strong." That is why they make sure their employees know the gear. They make it their mission to make sure they have walked in their customers shoes and know the difference. They make recommendations based upon the needs of the customer. "We sell you what you need not necessarily what you want." 

US Patriot makes sure they target specific opportunities online and off, including selling through Amazon, setting up Google Ad Words/ Yahoo and Bing Advertising, Emails, Billboards, Radio, and Facebook advertising, which must be working because their Fan Page is close to 23 thousand fans! In addition to adverting, US Patriot supports many local and national causes at various levels. On Memorial Day they even go as far as to donate their entire day's profit to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
U.S Patriot has a lot going for them, if you are ever near one of their 5 locations - check them out, pick up some Rothco and hey maybe get a hair cut too, cause you gotta look sharp in camo!

"The customer service is top notch! I received my order very quickly. When I needed to return, due to wrong size, I was immediately give quick return information. They did not let me know that you could have a return shipping label printed. I found out after I shipped. They are an excellent source for all your military needs. I would definitely use again." ~ What their customers are saying about US Patriot.
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