Wednesday, May 23, 2012

101 Ways to Use Paracord (Part II)

Cool Canteen Cover
The uses for paracord are endless. I feel it's very important for everyone to have it available in times of emergencies and survival situations while having fun with it as well.  All 101 uses of paracord are creative ways having paracord accessible at anytime.  I hope you all enjoy Part II of 101 Ways to Use Paracord, if you have any other ideas that were not mentioned please share below in the comments section below!  Also if you haven't checked out Part I you can do so by clicking here.

Part Two 51 ~ 101 Incredible Uses of Paracord

51. Bracelet
52. Tie Down Tarp
53. Use scraps to make a lash point
Think Pink with Paracord!
55. Gaucho Knot
56. Monkey Fist Necklace
57. Rifle Sling
58. Multi Tool Pouch
61. iPod Nano Watch Band
62. Tourniquet
64. Tie up Primitive Shelters
Paracord Army Men Make the Perfect Toys!
67. Shelter Ridge Line
69. Boot Laces
70. Arm Sling
71. Snares and traps
72. Gear repair
73. Decoration
76. Security (door lock, tattle tail with bell)
77. Lashing Cargo
78. Log Pull
80. Knife Lanyard
81. Sewing Repairs
Stuffed Paracord Animal!
82. Hang food from a tree in bear country
83. Fishing Nets
84. Wash Cloth
95. Lamp
Wooden Baseball Bat Grip
Paracord Laptop Harness

97. Hangman's Noose
98. Drawstring
100. Drink Coaster

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco