Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everything You Need to Build a Bug Out Bag with Rothco

Like the Boy Scouts say "Always Be Prepared"! From the Zombie Apocalypse to evacuating during a hurricane, it is important you have the right supplies to help you in ANY emergency situation. That is why Rothco has put together a list of all the ideal Rothco items for building the perfect bug-out-bag, including Paracord, MRE's, Solar Powered items and more. Be ready with Rothco and checkout our interactive map to the perfect Bug Out Bag.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day: Recap and Remembrance

Memorial Day, the U.S. federal holiday meant to commemorate fallen soldiers, has its origins in the aftermath of the American Civil War.  Known originally as Decoration Day, many states, both north and south, took a day in Spring to honor the men who lost their lives in the bloodiest conflict in American history.  In the century and a half since, the holiday has morphed into one in which all lives lost in all wars fought by the United States are memorialized.

It's important that Americans take the time to appreciate the significance of their upcoming three day weekend.  The sacrifice of service members in the American military over the span of our nation's history serves as the central pillar of our enduring success as a nation.  Without the willingness of the few to give their lives for the many, a democratic nation such as ours would never succeed.

Picture courtesy of The Army Navy Store in Marion VA
With that said, Americans should remember that Memorial Day Weekend isn't a solemn and sullen experience.  It's about remembering and celebration.  If you commit yourself to an activity that in some way exercises personal freedom, incorporates the American spirit, or directly honors service personnel, you're on the right track.

Classic Memorial Day Weekend ideas include:

The Potluck Barbecue: Get together with friends and family in the backyard and share eats along with stories.  Spending Memorial Day with those you love most is an ideal way to honor those who paid the ultimate price to ensure others could do so.

The Classic Parade: Virtually every city in the United States holds an annual Memorial Day parade.  It's sure to focus on those who have served and currently do so, as well as provide entertainment for the kids.

The Weekend Camping Getaway: Americans are blessed with a plethora of natural landscapes prime for exploring and experiencing.  Use your three day weekend to get a dose of the great outdoors, an experience provided to you courtesy of the sacrifice of others.

The Responsible Shopping Spree:  Memorial Day Weekend serves as a sales extravaganza for most retailers looking to free space for their summer arrivals.  If you've been planning on updating an appliance or some other form of home improvement, now may be the time to act.

The Cultural Experience: If you live close to an urban area, then consider visiting your nearest museums, exhibits, and zoos.  These institutions wouldn't exist if it weren't for the enduring success of American prosperity, which owes itself to the willingness of service members to risk their lives when called to do so.

Veterans and those currently serving, don't forget to look up discounts and special opportunities that exist for you and your family. has a great tool for finding deals, while has a 250+ list of discounts offered to service members past and present.

Memorial Day should be spent with the sacrifices of others in mind.  But that doesn't mean dwelling on the tragedy and cost of armed conflict.  Instead, take the time to enjoy the things that these men and women gave their lives to protect.

By: Guest Blogger, Kevin Pearia 

Kevin Pearia is a writer for Veterans United Network (VUN), a source for veterans’ benefits and information.  VUN is proudly sponsored by Veterans United Home Loans, the nation’s leading VA Home Loan provider

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

101 Ways to Use Paracord (Part II)

Cool Canteen Cover
The uses for paracord are endless. I feel it's very important for everyone to have it available in times of emergencies and survival situations while having fun with it as well.  All 101 uses of paracord are creative ways having paracord accessible at anytime.  I hope you all enjoy Part II of 101 Ways to Use Paracord, if you have any other ideas that were not mentioned please share below in the comments section below!  Also if you haven't checked out Part I you can do so by clicking here.

Part Two 51 ~ 101 Incredible Uses of Paracord

51. Bracelet
52. Tie Down Tarp
53. Use scraps to make a lash point
Think Pink with Paracord!
55. Gaucho Knot
56. Monkey Fist Necklace
57. Rifle Sling
58. Multi Tool Pouch
61. iPod Nano Watch Band
62. Tourniquet
64. Tie up Primitive Shelters
Paracord Army Men Make the Perfect Toys!
67. Shelter Ridge Line
69. Boot Laces
70. Arm Sling
71. Snares and traps
72. Gear repair
73. Decoration
76. Security (door lock, tattle tail with bell)
77. Lashing Cargo
78. Log Pull
80. Knife Lanyard
81. Sewing Repairs
Stuffed Paracord Animal!
82. Hang food from a tree in bear country
83. Fishing Nets
84. Wash Cloth
95. Lamp
Wooden Baseball Bat Grip
Paracord Laptop Harness

97. Hangman's Noose
98. Drawstring
100. Drink Coaster

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rothco Dealer Profile on US Patriot

Location in Fort Stewart - Hinesville, GA
 U.S Patriot Store Profile

US Patriot was founded in 2000 in a very small location outside of Ft. Jackson, SC.  The start of US Patriot grew from the owners frustration of not being able to find the items he needed for his uniform and a knowledgeable sales staff to assist him. It was this basic idea that started the business we know as US Patriot and now has led to 5 locations throughout the country, including, Ft. Jackson SC, FT Stewart GA, FT Houston TX, FT Sill OK, Kings Mountain NC and an online store. US Patriot is a veteran owned and managed organization and that's what makes them different. 
Get a clean shave & shop at the same time!

"We've walked in our customers shoes and know what it is like to be, to get deployed, to miserable in the heat of the desert or in the cold rain. And most of all, we care about our customers. We go above and beyond for them because our customers are special and deserve better treatment" 
And they have done this by offering unique features to their store including a Barbershop, Sewing Services and Dry Cleaning, going well beyond the basic idea of customer service. 
"My directive to our customer service department is "How would your conversation be with that customer on the other line, if you knew he would not return from war?" We have a 365 day return policy, heck, we take returns and perform exchanges from customer who didn't even buy from us" Says Paul Yoo, President of US Patriot

When asked about some of the challenges facing US Patriot today, Paul stated. "The biggest challenge we face in our local market is the increasingly shrinking law enforcement budgets. Our police and first responder departments are facing an unprecedented decrease in the ability to procure much need items to get their jobs done. This impacts US Patriot as we have had tremendous success in developing relationships with local, state and federal agencies."  The majority of their customer base is service members of the military and law enforcement agents. Catering to a niche market. "Locally our brand is not strong with the general public. With our customers though, our brand is exceptionally strong." That is why they make sure their employees know the gear. They make it their mission to make sure they have walked in their customers shoes and know the difference. They make recommendations based upon the needs of the customer. "We sell you what you need not necessarily what you want." 

US Patriot makes sure they target specific opportunities online and off, including selling through Amazon, setting up Google Ad Words/ Yahoo and Bing Advertising, Emails, Billboards, Radio, and Facebook advertising, which must be working because their Fan Page is close to 23 thousand fans! In addition to adverting, US Patriot supports many local and national causes at various levels. On Memorial Day they even go as far as to donate their entire day's profit to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
U.S Patriot has a lot going for them, if you are ever near one of their 5 locations - check them out, pick up some Rothco and hey maybe get a hair cut too, cause you gotta look sharp in camo!

"The customer service is top notch! I received my order very quickly. When I needed to return, due to wrong size, I was immediately give quick return information. They did not let me know that you could have a return shipping label printed. I found out after I shipped. They are an excellent source for all your military needs. I would definitely use again." ~ What their customers are saying about US Patriot.
Interested in becoming a Rothco Dealer like U.S Patriot, then fill-out our Wholesale Account Set-Up Form

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tiger Stripe Camo from Rothco

A run through of Rothco's tiger stripe pants, shorts, BDUs and headwear. Stay in style with Rothco's Tiger Stripe camouflage collection.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Rookie Survivalist's Thoughts

Bear Grylls Eating God Knows What
Within the past couple months of doing research on survival, I’ve acquired a ton of interesting and new information.  When I was younger, the only knowledge of survival I gained was from Man vs. Wild, and to be honest the only thing I grasped from that show was how to eat massive insects and dead animals if you want to live.  I knew there was a lot more to learn then just that.  

After going through many survival and prepper forums, I learned that in recent years the development of outdoor clothing, equipment, emergency food and techniques has rapidly advanced.  With the fear of doomsday instilled in the back of everyone’s mind, the supposed date is approaching and it’s approaching fast.  Sales for survival equipment have increased dramatically in 2012. Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Webster Groves reported a staggering jump in sales to people preparing for a possible collapse.  While everyone is stocking up their storage cabinets with MRE’s and bottled water, they’re also loading up their bug-out-bags for those “just in case” situations.  

Rothco's Solar/Wind Up Radio
When I first noticed the term “bug-out bag”, I said to myself, what in the world are people putting in these so-called “bug-out bags”?  There is no definitive answer to this question.  Sure, I noticed a bunch of items in everyone’s bag such as first aid kits, fire-starters, water-purification supplies, and lighting.  But I also noticed some stand out items that gave these bags almost a sense of character to them.  Wind-up radios, multi-function tools, crazy paracord ideas, and a bunch more items that I didn’t even know existed.  

What I find amazing is how all of these preppers are often very open to what goes in their bags and networking other survival techniques.  With all of the expert knowledge being passed around it gives much hope to everyone just in case disaster does strike and evacuation is needed.  

Rothco's Move-Out Bag
 Perfect for Your Bug-Out
Even if you happen to lose your way on a camping trip to a temporary evacuation of your house during a natural disaster, being educated even the slightest bit can save your life. Always keep in mind that it can happen to you. Those who are mentally and physically prepared to survive are more likely to do so.  

I highly recommend everyone joins our new Facebook page “Rothco Readiness & Survival.”  Here we will have survival Q&A’s, funny images, informative articles, and much more.  It’s also a great place for you survivalists and preppers to share with each other new ideas.

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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