Monday, April 23, 2012

The M65 Jacket: From the Military to High Fashion

The M-65 Field Jacket, has been around for nearly 50 years and in that time we have seen this jacket evolve from combat to a staple of the fashion industry.

The M65 was first introduce into the U.S Military in 1965 and became widely used during the Vietnam War. This jacket differed from its predecessor the M-1951 Field Jacket with its built in hood and Velcro fasteners. 
Rothco's Woodland Camo M65

While a lot has change in 50 years, this classic jacket has stood the test of time. Its classic style and versatility as both a warm and cold weather jacket (up-grade your jacket for the winter with a built-in liner) has allowed it to become a style main stay. Now a day this style of military outerwear can be found at your local Army-Navy Store to being featured on the Runway from high-end designers and oh yeah and Rothco

From Woodland Camo and Khaki to Extra Long Lengths and Liners, Rothco has this jacket covered. And I see this trend lasting at least another 50 years!

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