Thursday, March 22, 2012

101 Ways to Use Paracord

Perfect for that drink on the go!
I'm sure by now we all know what Paracord is, in fact I bet a lot of you right now have some wrapped around your wrist.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of this item, I decided to see what you could make Paracord into.  From bracelets to hammocks, I was pretty amazed with the creative ideas people have come up with.  Here's the first half of the 101 uses for Parcord, I found and a few I made up on my own.  If you have any ideas you don't see on the list please share!
Part One 1 ~ 50 Incredible Uses for Paracord

2. Bullwhip
3. Anti-Vampire Protection
Cool lanyard!
5. Dog Collar
6. Koozie
7. Tetherball Rope
8. Dental Floss for Michael Strahan
9. Jump Rope
10. Clothesline
11. Hammock

That Hammock looks cozy!

12. Carabiner Spool
13. Lasso
14. Tightrope (for tightrope walkers)
15. Belt for Lil Wayne
16. Sling
18. Fish Net Leggings
19. Fishing Line
20. Fire Bow Drill String
21. Shoe Lace

Newton's Cradle
22. Rig a Pulley System for Heavy Objects
23. Hunting Bola
24. Watch Strap
25. Shelves
26. Slingshot
28. Garbage Lid Tether
30. Ranger Beads
32. Bag Handle
33. Zipper Pull
34. Necklace
35. Lanyard
37. Wrist Strap for Camera
39. Tie for Bundles
40. Emergency Repair for Sail/Canoe
41. Hang Kettle/Cook Pot
42. Filter Water
43. Carry gear on your back if you don't have one of our backpacks
44. Hold a flag on a flag pole
45. Emergency Engagement Ring

47. Securing items to the top of your car/truck
48. Mountain Climbing
49. Split/Tunicate (First Aid)
50. Bridge to cross some troubled water

We would love to hear the cool thing you've made out of Paracord, please share in the comments. 

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Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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