Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top Ten reasons To Be A Rothco Dealer

1.  Rothco is a trusted and authentic military brand producing rugged clothing for military, tactical, public safety for consumers with a loyal following of over 11,000 Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

2. Industry best 97% in-stock rate - "When we say we have it, we have it!"

3. 99% of all order ship within 24 hours - you get it fast! No need to carry extra inventory
A inside look at our warehouse

4. Experienced and knowledgeable staff of sales consultants with an average of 16 years of experience

5. A Trusted relations with a company that has been in business serving the independent retailer since 1953

6. A constantly growing list of over 3,500 innovative products for the military, law enforcement, active-wear, tactical, survival, screen printing and promotion markets - over 400 new items each year

7. 100% dealer support - no end sales, online and geographic dealer referrals programs

8. Competitive wholesale pricing and a generous M.A.P program that guarantees reasonable profit

9. Tremendous variety of online dealer tools including our express B2B ordering system, online inventory & price confirmation, promotional tools, weekly new product & specials emails and exclusive Facebook dealer group

10. Low order minimum ($100 domestic, $500 export) and 99% open stock rate

Interested in becoming a Rothco Dealer? 
It's simple, just fill out our online account set-up form and join over 9,000 Army Navy, Uniform, Apparel, Promotions, Screen printers and Government Suppliers as a Rothco Retailer.
By: Kristy Dineen

Thursday, March 22, 2012

101 Ways to Use Paracord

Perfect for that drink on the go!
I'm sure by now we all know what Paracord is, in fact I bet a lot of you right now have some wrapped around your wrist.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of this item, I decided to see what you could make Paracord into.  From bracelets to hammocks, I was pretty amazed with the creative ideas people have come up with.  Here's the first half of the 101 uses for Parcord, I found and a few I made up on my own.  If you have any ideas you don't see on the list please share!
Part One 1 ~ 50 Incredible Uses for Paracord

2. Bullwhip
3. Anti-Vampire Protection
Cool lanyard!
5. Dog Collar
6. Koozie
7. Tetherball Rope
8. Dental Floss for Michael Strahan
9. Jump Rope
10. Clothesline
11. Hammock

That Hammock looks cozy!

12. Carabiner Spool
13. Lasso
14. Tightrope (for tightrope walkers)
15. Belt for Lil Wayne
16. Sling
18. Fish Net Leggings
19. Fishing Line
20. Fire Bow Drill String
21. Shoe Lace

Newton's Cradle
22. Rig a Pulley System for Heavy Objects
23. Hunting Bola
24. Watch Strap
25. Shelves
26. Slingshot
28. Garbage Lid Tether
30. Ranger Beads
32. Bag Handle
33. Zipper Pull
34. Necklace
35. Lanyard
37. Wrist Strap for Camera
39. Tie for Bundles
40. Emergency Repair for Sail/Canoe
41. Hang Kettle/Cook Pot
42. Filter Water
43. Carry gear on your back if you don't have one of our backpacks
44. Hold a flag on a flag pole
45. Emergency Engagement Ring

47. Securing items to the top of your car/truck
48. Mountain Climbing
49. Split/Tunicate (First Aid)
50. Bridge to cross some troubled water

We would love to hear the cool thing you've made out of Paracord, please share in the comments. 

Click to read Part II 

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rothco's New 2012 Supplement Catalog

This March, Rothco introduce our 2012 product supplement, our largest supplement catalog to date! This year's supplement in comprised of over 200 new items, including:
  • 15 New Styles of Vintage Packs & Bags
  • 12 New Tactical Backpacks &Shoulder Bags
  • 10 New Women's Tops & Booty Shorts
  • 7 New M.O.L.L.E Compatible Vest in Three Different Colors
  • 4 New Jackets including a 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket 
Rothco is the only brand in the industry producing two new product publications each year, in addition to our yearly catalog. The 2012 supplement, features some pretty cool items and with over 200 items to choose from, picking your favorite can be quite hard. Somehow I have manage to pick 10 of my favorite from this year's supplement. In no sequential order, here are a few. 
Available in Black & Khaki
1. Rothco's 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket: Featuring 4 inside mag pockets, right & left universal handgun padded concealment pockets, from size S to 3XL
2. Rothco's Classic Woodland Camo Extra Long T-shirt: Now 3 inches longer! 
3. Four new Tactical Shemags are now available in  Purple, Pink, Grey & Coyote Brown. 12 colors in ALL! 
4.  New 5 Pocket Flat Front Shorts for Men now available Woodland Camo and Olive Drab (O.D)
5. With 7 new MOLLE vests it's hard to choose just one but if I had to, it would be Rothco's MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest in Coyote
6. Ten new colors of polyester 550 LB Paracord -  from Pink to Safety Green, Rothco has the perfect bracelet making cord. 
7. Rothco's ever expanding Booty Short Collection - including The Bombshell Booty Tank & Bottoms
8. The F-4 Self Bonding Tape which was originally designed for the military & aviation. This self-fusing tape adheres in seconds and in water tight! 
9. All the new Coyote Brown Cold Weather Item including this Polar Fleece Adjustable Balaclava
10. And last but not least Rothco's Advanced Tactical Bag available in both Black & Coyote

And that's just 5% of the catalog! Imagine what else is in store for you, when you review the supplement here.
So what items are your favorites?

By Kristy Dineen

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Rothco at SHOT Show 2012

Zombie Target  
In what has become an annual tradition dating back over 2 decades, Rothco exhibited once again at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas at the Sands/Venetian Convention Center. All in all, over 1600 exhibiting companies and 36,000 buyers made the show an incredible success. We saw hundreds of Rothco dealers at our booth in the tactical section and received great feedback on the new merchandise from our 2012 New Product Supplement.

For Rothco representatives John Ottaviano and John Brucculeri, it was a chance to meet with dealers from all over the world. In the SHOT Show photo gallery on the Rothco fan page on Facebook  you can see pictures of dealers from Italy, Guatemala and Mexico and dealers from dozens of other countries and most of the United States came by as well.
Beware Armed Doggie

John Ottaviano w/Jaymie Zienta
Chris Schwartz of Mundo Extremo in Guatemala
City and Alessio Kalfus of Eumar in Rome
The show itself covers an amazing amount of territory, floor after floor and ballroom after ballroom of products. In the early 1990s when I first attended, the focus of the show was hunting and the shooting sports. Today, military, tactical and Airsoft products rule the show. Back in the day, most of the camouflage being warn was hunting patterns like Realtree and Mossy Oak. Today it's all Multi-Cam, ACU and other digital camouflage patterns. Many of the military products shown by Rothco and other military companies at today's SHOT show were not allowed to be exhibited - no military, no surplus and no products like paintball guns that could be used to shoot another player. Airsoft was not even on the horizon in those days.
The Rothco display at the 2012 SHOT Show
Though the show was extremely busy for us, I was able to get around to take some pictures of some of the cool sites at the show and Rothco partners in attendance. I encourage you to take a look at our SHOT Show photo gallery on the Rothco fan page on Facebook , but I have posted some of my favorites. Some of the most popular trends at the show were Zombies, accessories for dogs, big guns and hot looking models, all of a man's favorite things.
While it's a great place to do business, the SHOT show is a basically a big toy store for folks who love the outdoors. We'll be going back again in 2013 and have even more stories to share then.

Have a great weekend.

John Ottaviano

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012