Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rothco's Greatest Giveaway Is Still Going On

One of our fan's will be $500 richer soon!
It's been little over a month since we launch Rothco's "Most Extreme Place You've Been in Rothco Gear" contest and we have seen some pretty amazing photos. From the deserts of Africa to the Hills of Kentucky, this contest has proven one thing for sure, our fans are everywhere and have done some amazing things in Rothco gear!

The coolest part about this contest is that there is still about one month left for people to submit their photo.  The contest will run till March 12th, which according to my calculations still gives everyone over 20 days to take a pic and upload it to our contest page.  

To enter Rothco's Extreme Places Contest is simple, just follow these quick and easy steps.

     1.  Put on some Rothco Gear (item is up to your discretion) 
     2.  Find a friend to take a pic (or a camera with a timer)
     3. Click on this link www.Rothco.com/Contest
     4. Fill out the form
     5. Upload the pictures from your camera 
And now you are five steps closer to winning a $500 Rothco Shopping Spree. Good Luck!!!

Kristy Dineen|Digital Marketing Manager|Rothco