Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 The Year of Military Fashion

Rothco's Commando Sweater featured in their Jan'12 issue
Military inspired fashion is everywhere in 2012!!!  

From shirts and shoes to belts and bags, you cannot turn a page of a major fashion magazine or a street corner without seeing some military styled clothing. I for one am a huge fan of this trend and not just because I have easy access to a warehouse full of these looks. But because these looks are classic and timeless and go with about everything!

Glamour Magazine just named the Military Look the "First Great Trend of 2012". The photo spread in their New Year's addition featured the likes of Kate Middleton and Drew Barrymore, oh yeah and Rothco (now that's some very stylish company)

Rothco's O.D Ranger Vest 

Tons of great vintage military inspired looks are hitting the pages of this year's fashions magazines from our Commando Sweater in Glamour to Marie Claire's recent editorial called "Tropical Storm", which featured a mix of floral and military clothing trends. Proving that you can mix and match this trend with just about anything even a floral jump suite! Who knew? 

What makes these looks so great is that they are accessible at any local Army/Navy Store  and super affordable. Just take the photo to your right from Marie Claire; they featured our Ranger Vest that sells for about $30 dollars next to a Stella McCartney shirt that cost over a grand! Guess you don't to be a major designer label for it to be fashionable.

Adding a military web belt or a pair of combat boots to any outfit is a great way to add a touch of this trend into your normal everyday outfit. Just checkout the rest of the photos, Marie Claire did, until today I would never think about pairing a floral with a military but it doesn't look half bad! 
Marie Claire's Tropical Storm  a surprisingly chic alliance, military tailoring and wild botanicals join forces for a bold new uniform
For more vintage military looks checkout Rothco's most recent catalog Rothco's Vintage Clothing Collection.

By Kristy Dineen @Rothco