Friday, October 28, 2011

It's A Zombie Eat Zombie World Out There

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Friedman’s Army Navy in Nashville
Rothco's Blog of the Living Dead...
In honor of this most horrifying holiday, a day when the dead can walk freely, I figure it would be an appropriate time to cover how to survive a zombie apocalypse. 
So what does one do, when the dead rise from the ground? Flight or Fight?  I say fight, from all the movies like Night of the Living Dead or TV shows like The Walking Dead, it doesn't look like there are many places to hide because they are everywhere.
But whatever your choice is, it's important you be prepared! Lucky for me, I am walking distance from a 155,000 square foot warehouse full of all the supplies I would need to fend off a zombie attack. For everyone else a well equipped Army/Navy store should do the trick.
18" Field Machete a.k.a
The Zombie Decapitator
The first and most important items on my Zombie prep list would be....WEAPONS. A key to anyone's  survival is to be able to protect yourself. First of of course would be a gun and as much ammo I could carry, the next item up for grabs would be a nice Machete, this item is perfect for swinging away at a crowd full of zombie attackers. Speaking of knives, in any survival situation one should never be without a good Survival Knife, the one I am going with not only includes a two knives but also a fishing line and hook, compass, signal mirror and bandages.
Perfect for protecting those
hungry brain eaters
I am not sure how useful the bandages will be though...those zombie bites seem to be pretty lethal. I don't think there's enough Neosporin in the world to help me out with that infection. 
Next on the list is some riot gear, Rothco's Anti-Riot Helmet and Anti-Riot Shield are a must. And if the Zombie apocalypse doesn't come, These items are also helpful if I ever decided to occupy Wall St.

My other thought was, when I am not fighting or running from zombies it would be important to have a good lookout. Zombies may be slow but you never know when one will be sneaking up on you. That's why I will make sure I have a awesome pair of night vision goggles. And while I am stocking up on electronics a good solar light and charger would be key. From whats depicted in the movies our electrical systems won't last very long and gasoline will be sparse. Solar charges like likes these will come in very handy.

And of course there's the kick-ass outfit, every great zombie fighter needs a good durable outfit. A must in anyone's arsenal would be a good pair of Combat Boots, a leather jacket with a collar to protect against bites and a pair of Rothco's EMT pants, I went with these because they are coated to repel blood and fluids and since it seems the zombie virus is spread through blood contact, I think these pants are a MUST. And let's not forget gloves, Rothco' Tactical Gloves are perfect not only are they cut resistant but also feature a hard knuckle, perfect for protecting your hands.
The Perfect
Zombie Fighting Glove

Other important items include some MRE's, Cash, clean socks, and my iPhone. Who knows maybe someone will invent an app for killing zombies.

And now I think I am ready to fight! For more information on how to protect yourself in a Zombie attack the nice folks over at the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) also came up with a nice "How to Survive Site" and you wonder what your tax dollars today are going towards!

Well Good Luck! 
Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

Friday, October 21, 2011

The History of Camo Part II... The Attack of The U.S Camo

Rothco's Woodland Camo on display
Who said sequels where never as good as the original???
When we last left off Camouflage has just made its way to all the major countries entrenched in warfare. By the early 1900's countries from France to the U.S had set up departments solely for the study and development of camo.  These new camouflage departments consisted of artists, designers and architectures all working to design better camouflage patterns. And by 1917 the word camouflage was added to the English language. It's hard to believe that the word "camouflage" has only been around for less than 100 years.

"There must be something intriguing about the word camouflage" an officer told Time Magazine in 1942
How the Leopard Got His Spots
And how true he was... With camouflage patterns becoming mass produced you began to see the variations of patterns become more prevalent during World War II. At first the patterning was uncommon, and a sign of an elite unit. But by 1942 General Douglas MacArthur actually demanded 150,000 jungle camouflage uniforms for his units. And by 1944 U.S troops were spotted on the shores of Normandy it what was known as "frog skin"/"leopard spot" patterns.  But this pattern didn't last long, due to similarities to German Waffen SS troops, which lead to confusion and friendly fire. Remnants of the leopard pattern where later adapted by the USMC special units (which later evolve into the Navy SEALS). These spotted uniforms where even used by Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. 

As the U.S entered in to the Vietnam War, U.S troops began to adopt the pattern know as "Tigerstripe" this pattern was also known as the "John Wayne pattern" because it was featured in one of his movies during the time. The crazy thing about this pattern is that while troops were wearing it, the Tigerstrip patter was never an officially government issued pattern. And now 40 years later we are seeing a resurgence in this classic pattern - most recently featured by Converse in their new Chuck Taylor's or Rothco's Vintage Tigerstripe Fatigue Pants

M81 Woodland
By the '80's the U.S had reached the next stage in the camo evolution or as I would like to call it  "camolution" by developing what is known as M81 Woodland pattern, born out of an Enlarged version of the ERDL Leaf camouflage pattern. The enlargement of the design represented a shift in military tactics from the closed range combat of Vietnam to more distant fighting. Of all the patterns I would have to say this one is my fav! A true classic, whose design elements can be seen from the theater of war to the fashion runways of Milan and Paris.

Yummy Desert Digital!
It's very clear to see how the location of the war effects the development of the Uniform. During the Gulf war, America move toward desert camouflage patterns. First was, what was known as the "chocolate chip" pattern. And I can say that after starring at this pattern for a while it does give me a strange craving for some cookie dough ice cream! Then staying on the food track was the next design now as the DCU [Desert Camouflage Uniform] or otherwise known as the "coffee stain" pattern. Not sure what's up with all the food references but I am pretty sure the last thing I want to be thinking about while engaged in battle is how hungry my uniform makes me.
ACU Digital Rothco T

Digital...Digital...Digital... I think we can leave this one for another time.

Till next time ~ Kristy Dineen

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rothco's Vintage Military T-Shirts

From Camouflage T-shirts to Military inspired graphics these stylish, classic and comfortable Rothco's Vintage military t-shirts are perfect for everyone. There are so many great t-shirts its hard for me to pick a favorite!

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