Friday, September 30, 2011

Rothco's Think Pink Army Marches into the Month of October

Pink it's Just not a Color Anymore...
"I wear the hat every day"
Pink is a color that inspires hope and courage in millions of people and brings unity to a courageous battle and in a sea of green camo, it is the one the few colors that stands out here at Rothco

Did you know that Rothco has a full line of Pink Camouflage and Pink Military Merchandise? From Camouflage B.D.U pants and Pink Camouflage Shirts too Pink Padlocks and Flashlights, Rothco's Army of Pink is ready to fight! 

Rothco proudly supports many charities one of them being the Babylon Breast Cancer Collation with proceeds of our Black Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon going to this charity. This Vintage Rothco Fatigue Cap has helped us raise thousands of dollars, all of which was donated to the BBCC. And even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Rothco runs this charity all year long.  

The best thing about all our pink gear, besides helping a worthy cause, is seeing it inspire people who fight this disease. Recently I came across an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal entitled "Warrior Attitude Inspired Summerlin Area Women During Breast Cancer Treatment" and saw this women decked out head to toe in Rothco's Pink Camo Gear. 
Vintage Adjustable Fatigue Cap
With Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon

The story went on to talk about how her pink camo outfit gave Cathy hope. In the article, Cathy the women pictured above, dressed all in pink camo, husband a former Marine was the one who purchased the Pink Camouflage for her. In the article he said "I got her the whole outfit, and it gave her hope" 

Sometimes a color is more that a color and sometime I simple piece of clothing can inspire you. It's great to see that happen here! Cathy will being wearing her inspirational pink camo outfit during a local 5k fun walk - I wish her the best of luck during her walk and fight against cancer. 

Even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, that doesn't mean you can't support this great cause everyday because Pink is in season all year round! And people like Cathy fight Cancer everyday, so show your support by wearing pink or donating to a worthy cause and join in the Army to fight cancer. 

~ Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Rothco

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