Friday, September 23, 2011

Rothco's Monster Mashup of the Best Halloween Costumes!

Zeek the Zombie Hunter
Halloween is a great escape and a chance to be something or someone you're not, ever wanted to be a solider or crime fighting machine? Well Halloween is your day and Rothco's got the costume!
PriceGrabber, a part of Experian, just released the results of its Halloween shopping survey, revealing that 53 percent of consumers will spend $50 or more on a costume this year. Halloween has become a $5 billion a year business! And each and every year costumes before more and more elaborate.

Halloween is approaching soon and before you start stocking up on candy, you will need to get yourself an awesome Halloween costume! Gone are the traditional customs like a ghost and vampires and in are ZOMBIE Hunters and Heroic NAVY SEALS!
A Winning Costume!

Rothco has developed some interesting and creative costumes to keep within budget for men, women, children and infants. The theme for this year is Zombies, Navy Seal hero outfits, and Charlie Sheen. Below is a list of costumes ideas for 2011.

For Men, Swamp Thing, Jailhouse Prisoner, Top Gun, Police Officer, US Soldier, Swat Officer, Border Patrol, Sheriff, Zombie Hunter, just to name a few ideas.

To get the
Hot Shots / Charlie Sheen costume all you need is:

For Women Top Gun, Army Babe, US Soldier, Sailor Pin Up Girl, and a lady of the law. To put together the perfect ARMY Babe outfit you will need the following items:

For Youth and Infant: Because every kid deserves the best Halloween costume out there, Rothco has put together a list of the top children's costumes. Including the Kids Top Gun, Kids Pilot, US Soldier, Marine, SWAP Thing, SWAT Officer, Infant Soldier. Want to make your kid an official swat officer on Halloween then make sure you have these items from Rothco's children's collection.
We all know Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. Its a chance for kids to run around town hopped up on sugar and for adults a chance to play dress up for a night. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween - Treat or Treat!

ToniMarie Anselmo