Friday, September 30, 2011

Rothco's Think Pink Army Marches into the Month of October

Pink it's Just not a Color Anymore...
"I wear the hat every day"
Pink is a color that inspires hope and courage in millions of people and brings unity to a courageous battle and in a sea of green camo, it is the one the few colors that stands out here at Rothco

Did you know that Rothco has a full line of Pink Camouflage and Pink Military Merchandise? From Camouflage B.D.U pants and Pink Camouflage Shirts too Pink Padlocks and Flashlights, Rothco's Army of Pink is ready to fight! 

Rothco proudly supports many charities one of them being the Babylon Breast Cancer Collation with proceeds of our Black Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon going to this charity. This Vintage Rothco Fatigue Cap has helped us raise thousands of dollars, all of which was donated to the BBCC. And even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Rothco runs this charity all year long.  

The best thing about all our pink gear, besides helping a worthy cause, is seeing it inspire people who fight this disease. Recently I came across an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal entitled "Warrior Attitude Inspired Summerlin Area Women During Breast Cancer Treatment" and saw this women decked out head to toe in Rothco's Pink Camo Gear. 
Vintage Adjustable Fatigue Cap
With Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon

The story went on to talk about how her pink camo outfit gave Cathy hope. In the article, Cathy the women pictured above, dressed all in pink camo, husband a former Marine was the one who purchased the Pink Camouflage for her. In the article he said "I got her the whole outfit, and it gave her hope" 

Sometimes a color is more that a color and sometime I simple piece of clothing can inspire you. It's great to see that happen here! Cathy will being wearing her inspirational pink camo outfit during a local 5k fun walk - I wish her the best of luck during her walk and fight against cancer. 

Even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, that doesn't mean you can't support this great cause everyday because Pink is in season all year round! And people like Cathy fight Cancer everyday, so show your support by wearing pink or donating to a worthy cause and join in the Army to fight cancer. 

~ Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Rothco

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rothco's Monster Mashup of the Best Halloween Costumes!

Zeek the Zombie Hunter
Halloween is a great escape and a chance to be something or someone you're not, ever wanted to be a solider or crime fighting machine? Well Halloween is your day and Rothco's got the costume!
PriceGrabber, a part of Experian, just released the results of its Halloween shopping survey, revealing that 53 percent of consumers will spend $50 or more on a costume this year. Halloween has become a $5 billion a year business! And each and every year costumes before more and more elaborate.

Halloween is approaching soon and before you start stocking up on candy, you will need to get yourself an awesome Halloween costume! Gone are the traditional customs like a ghost and vampires and in are ZOMBIE Hunters and Heroic NAVY SEALS!
A Winning Costume!

Rothco has developed some interesting and creative costumes to keep within budget for men, women, children and infants. The theme for this year is Zombies, Navy Seal hero outfits, and Charlie Sheen. Below is a list of costumes ideas for 2011.

For Men, Swamp Thing, Jailhouse Prisoner, Top Gun, Police Officer, US Soldier, Swat Officer, Border Patrol, Sheriff, Zombie Hunter, just to name a few ideas.

To get the
Hot Shots / Charlie Sheen costume all you need is:

For Women Top Gun, Army Babe, US Soldier, Sailor Pin Up Girl, and a lady of the law. To put together the perfect ARMY Babe outfit you will need the following items:

For Youth and Infant: Because every kid deserves the best Halloween costume out there, Rothco has put together a list of the top children's costumes. Including the Kids Top Gun, Kids Pilot, US Soldier, Marine, SWAP Thing, SWAT Officer, Infant Soldier. Want to make your kid an official swat officer on Halloween then make sure you have these items from Rothco's children's collection.
We all know Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. Its a chance for kids to run around town hopped up on sugar and for adults a chance to play dress up for a night. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween - Treat or Treat!

ToniMarie Anselmo

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Rothco Review: Our Vintage Bag Collection

Rothco's Israeli Paratrooper Shoulder Bag item # 8128
From the classic Messenger Bags to the Vintage Canvas Flight Bags, Rothco's Vintage Bag collection has become a must have accessory in today's fashion world. The collection of bags is fun, fashionable and versatile. There aren't many bags out there that can be seen from classroom to a boardroom but Rothco's can! From a book bag like our European Rucksack for school to a guy in a "suit and tie" who is looking to boost his style with a classic Messenger Bag; Rothco's Vintage Bag Collection in perfect for anyone. 

G.I Style Helmet Bat Item # 2449
Not only are these bags fashionable for everyone but they are highly functional as well. A majority of our bags offer both interior and exterior pockets, for example our M-51 Engineers Bag a.k.a "the ultimate carry-all for business and travel" offers dozens of compartments, pouches, and pen folder, storm flap, cell phone pouch and much more and is perfect for anyone on the go. A majority of all our vintage bags have at more than 4 compartments, which makes them so useful and practical. And a lot of the bags have padded straps and handles, this way when you fill them full of stuff you won't hurt your back or shoulder.
Vintage Backpack item #9162
Spotted on TV

The most amazing thing about our bags is that I've seen them everywhere, from the streets of New York City to small screen. Most recently you can spot Rothco's Vintage Mini "Star" Backpack on ABC Family's, the Lying Game as seen in the picture on the left.

  I have also seen people take our vintage bags like the Musette Bag and use our canvas bags like they would a canvas piece of art. Checkout (picture on the right) how someone took inspiration from the hit books the Hunger Games and created a bag all their own. Rothco has also started added some embellishment to our own bags, like our Vintage Pathfinder Laptop Bag, which not only has a leather bottom but leather accents as well.

Rothco's line of vintage bags is constantly expanding, just today in our product meeting we talked about adding new colors to some of our classic bags, I am pretty sure that in a few month's I will be writing another blog on our ever expanding collection!

More Rothco Bags Spotted on the Streets -
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Facebook to see all the photo's we find
~Kristy Dineen

Friday, September 02, 2011

Best in Trade Show

Our Booth @MAGIC Tradeshow in Vegas! 
The summer months for most mean hitting the beach and relaxing in the sun but for our team at Rothco, summer means hitting some TRADESHOWS, from Vegas to New York, to Vegas again, we covered a lot of ground!

These past shows were particularly exciting because Rothco had the chance to unveil over a 160 new items, the most new product ever! Some of the new products we brought to the shows included Rothco's new vintage military t-shirts, Paracord bracelets, and new camouflage patterns; including our New Subdued Urban Digital Camo Pants and jacket.

I spy some new tee's in the background!
The first show to hit off the summer trade show season was the ASD show in Las Vegas; the show ran from July 31st till August 4th. ASD brings together the world's widest variety of merchandise from Health & Beauty to Toys and  of course Rothco! Representing Rothco at the show was Eddie Feliciano and Hans Blechschmidt, after their return, I asked them a couple of questions about the show and their experience. They said "Everyone there really loved our new vintage military t-shirts and Paracord bracelets".  Which is no surprise to me; these items have been tremendously well received not only at our trade shows but also online on our fan page and emails. One of the most interesting things to note, is the "usual crowd" who used to make orders at the show opted to wait until they got home, because Rothco's online system "makes ordering so easy". Another cool part of the show is when the booth next to Rothco's brought in a MMA fighter and Han's got meet him, as an added bonus his presence brought more traffic to the Rothco booth as well! Overall the show was a great opportunity to meet new clients and introduce Rothco's new items for this fall.

Rothco's Booth @ NYC GIFT
Up next on the schedule was the NYC Gift show at the Javits Center, this is an unique show for Rothco. Gone are the usual Army/Navy owners, this show offers a more diverse mix of exhibitors including Jewels and Gadgets. The NYC Gift show was a great opportunity for Rothco to feature more of its accessories and standout from everyone else with our Vintage Bag Collection and the ever popular Paracord Bracelets where a huge hit (no matter where we go, our Paracord is the must see item)

We even spotted other exhibitors Rock'in Rothco!
The last stop on Rothco's summer tour,was to the MAGIC show in Las Vegas, NV. Taking place from August 22 through the 24th, this event is one of our more exciting events, the show is full of major fashion movers and shakers it is a go to spot even for celebrities and musicians to promote their clothing lines. Rothco was lucky enough to get a great booth location on the main isle in the street wear section; we had customers from around the world come and visit our Booth. Visitors really liked our vintage military apparel and accessories. According to Darin Kaye our sales rep at the show, military apparel has become main stream and more and more people are adding military items into their mix. Some hot Rothco items at the show included our Vintage M65 Field Jacket, Commando Sweaters, Canvas backpacks, Web Belts, and of course our Paracord Bracelets.

For more pictures of the MAGIC Show check out our Facebook photo album, here

Our Booth at Magic just before the crowds start coming
Did you miss the shows but still want to make sure you get our 2012 in Military Catalog? Then signup at to set up your wholesale account and we will send one out to you when the catalog is available. 

Rothco will be heading to a bunch of shows in the beginning of 2012 check back at where we will be posting our upcoming show scheduled.

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